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Ask the client computer v1.10.0 official version of sesame Ask computer download | sesame Ask the client computer sesame The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Sesame quiz Software QA

sesame Q & A The client computer Is a professional knowledge of software, information aggregation of the latest hot, rich and varied content, users can Choice The topic of interest to interact, answer can also earn income, interested friends come to download it!

Software introduction

Sesame quiz is a social quiz platform, through interesting, concise and practical questions and answers, to help you find a common interest friends, a combination of SNS and social Q & a sesame micro-blog The function of the interesting questions, not only to solve the question, also can find a common interest friends!

 Ask the client computer sesame

Ask the computer version of the function of sesame

[gain] in answer.

Your wonderful answer can not only through the recommendation system, you can also share their own out, let more people see, there will be a lot of money income!!

[hot issues, everyone is an expert ah ~]

News, social, psychological and emotional... Interesting soul all sorts of strange things.

[recommendation, please] more brush the Kazakhstan

Personalized recommendation mechanism, create your own quiz page.

The characteristics of the software

On hot issues, make life a small expert

Personalized recommendation, customized exclusive Q & A

Actively discuss your ideas will be millions of users Give the thumbs-up

On line quietly on the line, you can now see their attention in the feed flow dynamic inside.

Sesame FAQ.

Q: ask what harvest?

A: in addition to the answer return this activity, we can through the question and answer, point praise and comments, gathered a group of like-minded partners.

Q: ask what sesame characteristics?

A: the personalized content recommendation, customize your own exclusive QA products; actively participate in the discussion, your ideas will be tens of thousands of users praise and comments

Q: in the sesame ask what can you do?

A: can make you want to ask, interest, or a variety of interesting problems; can answer certain questions; the answer point like, comment and so on...

To update the content:

1, the new hot search

2, the optimization of attention list

Q & a computer version of the installation method of sesame:

1. on the computer to run the first to install a Android simulator :


Note: XP users need to install Windows Installer 4.5 and .Net framework 2 SP2 , otherwise it will prompt an error.

Windows Installer 4.5 official version simplified Chinese: Http://

Microsoft.Net framework 2.0 SP2 version of the official installation: Http://

2. complete APK download the file, right-click the APK icon, select open --BlueStacks APK handler installation

After installation, the simulator interface will appear in the computer version of the icon.

3. perfect run

Then click on the bottom right corner of the BlueStacks wrench icon, choose to change the size of the program

Then find the installation package, select the Tablet, click on the "Done" button.

Then return to the main interface, click the icon, you can run the APK file

BlueStacks simulator installation tutorial: Http://

Well, here to enter the formal installation steps:

1. open the way: Figure

 Android simulator operation Figure 1

2. the installation process.

 Android map 2 operation simulator

3. installation is complete You can find the sesame has been installed in "my application" in Q & a computer version Click on the icon, you can play!

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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