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Software introduction

Probe Apple version The stranger is a safe platform for making friends, new friends to chat is not afraid of embarrassment, interesting conversation, dating with you a quick understanding of the other half, you can also get more permissions through membership mode, welcome to download the green resources!

Explore IOS version introduction

And you love the [Ta].

You still don't know who you love and trouble? Quick to see who I love to use [] without sliding around, you can immediately and quickly paired TA love.

Do you want to add in the vicinity of the exposure? The use of super fast [] exposure let your exposure rate increase 10 times, let you instantly MAX exposure.

 Exploring a new version of apple

Explore the apple version features

You can set the search distance to find the buddy no problem.

You can set the search of Gender, monomer can find friends.

You can set the search of the age, age more to talk to.

Personal data can transfer photos, video can be transmitted, more self display

Click on the photo to view other details, constellation Occupation, personalized labels, everything.

Find a good man, a good story.

Good start, just move a finger.

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Exploring a new version of iPhone features

social environment

Strong scavenging users: explore the special artificial audit team, 7*24 hours to clean up garbage and marketing account for some users, marketing, personnel will back to WeChat Permanent sealing machine, the title.

Social model

Big data Intelligent recommendation users - to explore not only based on the LBS, will be based on the common interests between users of common interests, common friends, once through the site and other dozens of information, calculate and push to match people.

Social romance

Stranger social Can be romantic: in order to explore more female users in the romantic sense, the latest edition of the probe launched a "pass", recommended to the user and their day after the same place, you can see who pass the location, the number of. The more that the circle of life, the more the more similar fate.

Privacy protection

To protect the user experience of women: as long as the male users involved in the chat "about" or similar sensitive words, the system will immediately pop up window, ask whether the user is female harassment, if the girl answered yes, then explore the artificial customer service immediately involved in the investigation. If that is the case, male users will be directly sealing machine, permanent title, can not be registered to explore.

To update the content

Sweet little B UG Repair, optimize your experience!

Developers: To explore cultural development (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

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