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Sakura drainage robot authorized version v1.6.4 official version for free Download the official | Sakura drainage robot Sakura drainage robot authorized version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Sakura robot free drainage Is a special class can provide information management and marketing tools for the user, the user can through the software of intelligent management of their information, group chat, group information and so on, is very suitable for Wechat Business as well as Online retailers So users need to quickly download it green resources network!

Sakura drainage robot profile:

Sakura drainage robot is clever QQ Intelligent management of robot assisted matching; software for the free version, to recommend the management group, including chat, blacklist Gag processing, intelligent management more convenient. Love the users are welcome to download!

 Sakura drainage robot authorized version

Sakura drainage robot functional free version:

Simple group

Group function simple, such as blacklist, advertising killer, instruction gag, authorized group, etc..

Timing promotion

From time to time to send the specified message.

Keywords recovery

Can set keywords custom reply message.

Group & Friends drainage drainage

Can the QQ group & Friends drainage drainage.

Invitation Statistics

When group members to invite friends into the group, the robot will automatically count, when reaching a certain requirement for bonuses.

On behalf of the brush card mode & function

Custom card mode, to make it more beautiful, if not set, a set of built-in cards for you to use.

The perfect combination of the rainbow group on behalf of the brush, send commands, in group order.

The function of advertising

You can set the advertising small tail, do promotion for your website or other business, can also set the timer.

After understanding Sakura drainage robot in you, you will be surprised

This tool is not limited to the drainage. He also has a QQ group management functions. Of course, all groups need to attract more people to join the group will love it

Software update:

The -1 server frame adjustment

Take - modify object QQ rating mode

Modification of the Pro Api is called only 3 times to remind

In the original Api_SetRInf type 9 modified Gender increase

- fixed loading use agreement may lead to stop running problems

To repair robot speed may become negative news

- modify the message received repeated detection mechanism

- lift friend robot QQ initiated QQ transfer ban

Software screenshot

Download address

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