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Software introduction

Readboy F22 Point reading machine teaching material Free learning resources for the provision of F22 users. Included in Primary school Chinese English, mathematics, curriculum content. You can use the point reading machine equipment: Xu Xuexi. Set reading, zero, repeat mode. Provide efficient reading machine learning experience for students. The needs of the users are welcome to download.

Reading Lang point reading machine in F22

Reading Lang F22 is a 4G memory, support more than 100 students in English, Chinese, mathematics textbooks synchronous read, read, read, read point, repeat, repeat five learning mode and interactive counseling, test, dictation three intelligent tutoring model, learning to master the textbook knowledge more easily. Come and download electronic materials, green resources network.

 Reading Lang point reading machine materials F22

Product features

English conversation

In the English display switch, a reading order to hear the ability of English conversation, massive information allows you to quickly improve speaking and listening.

English classroom

Reading Lang for bringing together the teacher children video teaching, coverage Primary school English The difficulties, let the children learn better.

Word memory

Practice the words at the same time also allows children to practice listening and speaking ability, each grade primary school English words can be dictation.

Letters, phonogram, sentence learning

Let us through: learn letters and learn to read, sentence making function template phonogram step-by-step learning by children and parents interactive learning content, practical and easy to learn from the shallower to the deeper.

Mathematics classroom

Carefully selected Primary school mathematics The main points of knowledge, preparation of primary school video courseware, vivid images, easy to understand, learn and practice, to guide children to learn.

F22 reading Lang point reading machine teaching function

1, this figure is the pronunciation, everywhere point texts and text related images can be a greater range of pronunciation, pronunciation textbooks, reading is more conducive to learning.

2, according to the traditional point reading machine in English learning problems, reading Lang point reading machine learning in terms of technology and content five innovation, with the traditional point reading machine There is nothing comparable to this secondary school, learning more powerful.

3, a variety of ways, comprehensive counseling. There are five modes of learning, reading Lang point reading machine learning three guidance function, let the children learn English more abundant and interesting text, listening speaking reading and writing comprehensive counseling, deep understanding of knowledge. 5, the use of animation animation animation teaching teaching mode, the static image books, a vivid animation, let children love learning, fun learning experience. At the same time provide textbooks difficulty knowledge on learning, learning can also participate in the test, more interactive.

4, easy to sound, happy learning. The text is not related to the content of images are linked with relaxed and playful sound. For example, a dog, a dog "click barking; a duck, a click on the duck, very interesting. The text is not related to the content of the character images, links with prompt guide words, help the students to learn the next step.

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