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Software introduction

The fingerprint successfully signed expression package this package in her sister when the expression is suitable, but also can be applied to the small partners are very familiar with all kinds of routines, allowing you to collect fingerprints signed, let you in chat when many of the fun of it!

Trill Sign up the sister expression package

Has the best effect of routine, for example you use this object to your face, let him on the screen according to their fingerprint, then send this expression, let the other party to sign the contract and you said of a couple, is not very interesting!

Fingerprint signing Dynamic expression package The recommended

Expression package development

Nowadays, the development of a number of types of high-quality expression by the thousands of users, but also the emergence of many professionals to make the expression, enrich the daily life you do look!

Features introduction

1, good for the various feelings are described

2, to use this expression when you like making friends

3, this expression is very popular hot, by the thousands of users

4, this expression is very good for you to green resources since the thought of some good buddy for use

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