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Preta template software version of Apple v2.3 Preta template IOS download | Preta template software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Pretatemplate Sketch app

Preta template IOS is a very good phone sketch app, there are plenty of drawing tools available, support online design and drawing, can also record every moment of inspiration, welcome friends to download the use of green resources!

Preta template official introduction

Make a sketch of this fashion on your mobile phone, any time there are design ideas such as spring gush. Let your shadow accompanying mobile phone to help you develop the habit of design ideas you immediately record. Who is specially designed to design / design / design talent student workers who know our idea is not just described, but drawn!

 Preta template software download

The function of preta template software

1. real drawing experience

Using the Apple Pencil force and high sensitivity in your mobile phone, and brush our stunning simulation!

2. photos -A-TEMPLATE

You love painting in the picture? Into a picture and use it as a book version of the type of background, notes, copy traces, add information and so on. And this is the best tool for you by leaps and bounds.


Like the user's guidance and love body template Puzzle Look adds a variety of fashion templates, focusing on clothing and appearance, and introduces a new function and appearance of combination equipment.

Puzzle Look template is technical drawings in the three way to show our signature placed in the character template. You can use them as a guide for new inspiration, sketch, or simply chasing them to more familiar with the line clock, and get the drawing skills of confidence.

4.PRET-A- film

Create your painting development video, and share in your channel or social media.

5. version

In our description of the template, you can quickly and effectively complete the fashion design for you, do not always pay attention to the body and the ratio of the standard size. We have developed a template internal guide, to provide rapid induction of symmetry and positioning for tool users immediately darts. All Fan Benjun 3 (side view, front and back). Open and close the template to view your development ideas. A type of storage, send or share your design!

6. drawing tools

Through the use of Pr 't-, -Template App as your fashion drawing, without carrying any drawing supplies. With a year of Pr t-, the -Template subscription, you will have the right to use all the tools of design:

A fashion model (regularly add new template)


- scissors

- eraser

Tailor - line

Standard color card

- color palette

- color palette

- Makeup Palette

- Version (regularly add new module)

7. fashion design

Through iMessage, you can work with your contact! Share what you've started drawing and contacts, and work together to develop. This is the fashion professionals, as well as teachers and students to communicate and share ideas, best tool.

Software screenshot

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