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Yili yogurt version of v3.1 iPhone version of Apple's cloud Yili yogurt IOS | version of cloud providers Yili yogurt Apple version of cloud providers The score: 8

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Software introduction

Erie Cloud providers (yogurt) Is for its agents to provide a comprehensive management software, online purchase convenient, employees can see details report timely updates, comprehensive management stores improve work efficiency, welcome to download the green resources!

Yili yogurt cloud provider IOS version introduction

Yili yogurt is APP cloud providers Yili Group Yili for partners dedicated to creating a mobile phone application software, the interface clean, simple operation, powerful function, mainly including the home page, Inventory management , Store management Visit and management of the four modules.

 Yili cloud providers

Yili yogurt cloud provider app function

Store management includes: list of new stores, stores, stores nearby and other functions, users can easily increase, modify, find a store.

Stock Management including: Inventory inquiry, car sales transfer goods, cancellation refund, transfer inquiries and other functions, Vehicle Association Distributor The sales representative can obtain real-time vehicle inventory, can also transfer the management of vehicle inventory.

Visit management include: according to the plan to visit, visit, visit, free record shop, store check and worship, the user can according to the planned visit (scheduled visit), can also be free to visit, and visit the summary of issues management.

Through the APP, city managers, dealers and sales representatives need only simple operation will be more systematic and more convenient to complete the sales task, what are you waiting for? Please click download!

To update the content

Visit dealers in the stores, when the orientation deviation is less than 800 meters, do not display offset text prompt;

Visit the page click on the "car sales link, a pop-up menu to add row, and return to the scarlet letter [single] font. In the settlement and return a single page, [] according to the sales settlement for the red button [return], and to separate the normal sales area;

Visit the link optimization.

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