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Chengdu Tianfu new apple v1.4.0 iPhone mobile phone version Tianfu app IOS download | Chengdu Tianfu new version of apple The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Tianfu App bus card

Tianfu version app apple is a very good bus card service of mobile phone software, support on the phone to the bus card recharge query and scan code using a mobile phone, easy ride, can also carry out the card application and other convenient payment, welcome to download the use of green resources!

Tianfu official

Chengdu Tianfu financial services Limited by Share Ltd is the Chengdu municipal government approved the establishment of the modern enterprise system in accordance with established practice, independent management and independent accounting of the state-owned Cmi Holdings Ltd, the company registered capital of 100 million yuan. The company has been issued by the head office of the people's Bank of the "pay business license", have to carry out the relevant qualification prepaid card issuance and acceptance in the province. At the same time, according to the spirit of the Chengdu municipal government related documents, the company main responsibilities are: in the city's public service and government affairs Services to promote the application of financial IC card; organization and implementation" City card "Project, in the public service and government services to carry out the third party payment clearing and settlement business; (nodes) around the" city card "project, engaged in public payment management service platform and the" city card "management information service platform development, construction, operation, management and maintenance; provide technical services and data services the.

 Tianfu app IOS Download

Tianfu app IOS

The 1.2018 version of the new appointment card information card.

2. Tianfu card recharge query, NFC entity.

3. Tianfu pass payment account inquiry, recharge.

4. Telecom NFC-SWP card to open the card, query, recharge.

5. student card bid.

6. Tianfu official mall.

7. network query, Navigation .

To update the content

1, Tianfu card recharge query support bluetooth.

2, the new travel information function.

3, the new travel guide function.

4, new page recommendation.

5, repair part B UG The use of the problem and part of the scene.

Developer: Chengdu Tianfu financial services Limited by Share Ltd

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