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Hairdressing class Apple mobile phone iPhone mobile phone version of v4.62 software IOS download | salon class Apple mobile phone software salon class The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Salon class Salon app

Salon Class iPhone version Is a hairdressing learning app, there are plenty of hairdressing teaching video, online users can learn, you can also experience and peer exchange ideas, learn other skills, welcome to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

The first professional team to build online Salon Learning software The pursuit of excellence, to the salon people to build a free online learning platform, let the teacher with you zero distance. Taking photos at hand, sharing every time you create master fashion hairstyle Trend Understand the world trend, focus on your love stylist and the industry elite, the elite and the interaction! The content covers a wide range of personal mobile phone software is hairdressing. Salon class -- the achievement of your professional dreams.

Class IOS salon features

1. brings together national excellent teacher of the online classroom, stay at home, learn to practice at any time.

2. you can have encyclopedic knowledge, will learn hairdresser and video tutorial.

 The apple version of salon class

3. can be shared with colleagues work, exchange of experience, change the mood.

Update log

1. search style improvement

2. import mail list, mail list and friends

The introduction of 3. station content (post URL)

4. membership private letter notice

5. other optimization and B UG Solve

Software screenshot

Download address

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