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Three Kingdoms game 11

"Three Kingdoms 11" to Chinese Eastern Han Dynasty Three Kingdoms period as the background, with a total of 8 different styles of play, from the 184 years of "the Yellow turban rebellion" to 225 years "Taofa Guangdong between historical play a total of 7, plus the hypothetical" hero alliance generals script assembly a total of 8. Around the fight for hegemony, and launched a series of stories. And, and there is a Choice The specific plot and the generals of the "recommended script" option, even if do not understand the history of the Three Kingdoms game player can easily find a suitable script.

 The Three Kingdoms 11 red dress The Three Kingdoms 11mod Red dress "/ >

Three Kingdoms game features 11

Delicate character Head portrait Map and crit.

In Jian Zuo, and wrote fourteen based ershisishi words biographies.

Combined with SIRE, a lot of ideas in SIRE in fact, especially new stunts, all from the script.

The sense of history more thick, more pure Chinese characters, span from the spring and Autumn period to the late Ming, Liao, Jin, yuan and Qing as different national debut, no romance prince.

All the generals all single stunt, a combination of special effects, no metamorphosis The stunt, does not appear to have several generals can Swept the world The situation.

Three Kingdoms 11 red dress generals that repair

1, all the generals 730 people (excluding female generals), after several rounds of carefully selected to mirror Zuo Chuanhe, the twenty four histories as the main basis. In the figure, there are basically two value reached more than 70, or the Chilean government Wu, and more than 150, or an arbitrary value of more than 90.

Figure 2, the game is not strictly Name fill in the first and last name, and to the characters of intimacy, set according to the following rules:

The Warring States character, the man said, the woman called the king's name, country's, eliminating the need for intermediate and posthumous Jue said, such as "Qi white" do not call "Jiang Xiaobai";

The spring and autumn and Warring States figures, according to historical records such as habitual call, called "Uncle" instead of "tongue Xi";

History clearly "with words", "the word" no "name", such as "Xue Rengui" instead of "Li xue";

A given Name, from historical records listed in the name, such as "Fu deposit trial" instead of "Li Cunshen said".

3, the ability to give the upper limit of 120, but between 100~120 to 15 people usually only, ability can not be born generals fixed. upgrade .

4, suitable addition of God (S+10%), St (S+20%) two levels, each of 5 soldiers of God, holy God, holy 1 people, not two upgrade.

5, female generals: 32 female generals with the piece of information "Guose clothes" was released, replaced the ancient generals.

The Three Kingdoms 11mod color dress modifications

1, the city changed its name: Puyang to open, xiapi changed to Pengcheng, Beihai to Linzi, Tianshui to Longxi, Jianye to jinling.

2, the interior land changes: strengthen the Central Plains, Hebei area, which will weaken the Shu, Zhao song is located in Puyang, where Liu Xiu wan to metropolis, Pengcheng, Xuchang to the city, specialty gun.

Luoyang and Changan increased 2, to 24 dollars

It increased 5, to 20 dollars

Xiangyang Jinling, each increase of 2, to 20 dollars

Jinyang increased 6, to 18 dollars, making it a good place by

Chai sang increased 4, to 16 dollars

Hanzhoung, Beijing, Jiangling, hueiji, Shouchun, Wan each increase 1 block, 16 block

Plain, Linzi, Ru'nan, Changsha thistle, each increased by 3, to 15 dollars

Stability increased 2, to 12 dollars

2 Yunnan Jianning reduce, reduce 5, into 10 pieces

5 pieces of land along the Yangtze River in Lujiang interior migration

3, troops: the maximum limit adjustment to 400000 (Luoyang and Changan), the other 250000~300000 big city, medium-sized city 150000~200000, small city is still 100000.

4, endurance limit adjustment: the main pass increased to 15000 (18000 of science and Technology), 5000~12000 city (Research on science and technology 8000~15000) ranging.


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