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QQ music download v2.5 Green Edition QQMusic Download Man| QQ music download The users score: 8

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Software introduction

QQMusic Download Man Is a specially designed for love QQ music Create a friend music player Download free software, support and charge song Oh, so you do not have to buy VIP lossless music can also be heard, love friends quickly download it to Green Resources Network

QQ Music download Function description

After downloading the file format can be completed in the list to see, at a glance, file size;

Rich custom settings interface, can set the directory, the song name, the number of threads to download, download at the same time the number of tasks, a variety of custom settings;

Through the search column, can directly search for songs, right click to download the specified format of music;

A person inside you can see the QQ music set song list, including upload list, I love music, and listen to the list;

With multi thread download engine, capable of multi tasking, multi-threaded download, out of Thunder Download library, smaller volume;

 QQMusic Download Man

QQ music download steps

1. the download is complete, open the tool, click on the penguin Head portrait Login to your QQ account, do not worry can use fast secure login;

After the completion of the 2. login click on the lower right corner to obtain single song list, click the need to download the song;

Three Choice I hope the song right click download, select download format and song quality;

You can click and download to view local 4. download tools, default High speed download !

Update log

Unable to repair the download part of the song, the server may cause problems. At present, QQ all songs can be downloaded

Some of the songs with repair Special symbols That can be added to the download list, but progress has been the problem of 0%

Repair custom download songs.

Sorry, because of the time, yet to achieve batch download function, ready to add in the next version

Download the lyrics to repair some of the symbols inside garbled, no replacement problem

Matters needing attention

A page can not use the QQ login page prompts safety solution: please try to use IE Browser Login, if prompted certificate installation, please install, and then restart the software to use QQ login.

Software for Easy language Written in part Anti-virus software There are false positives, please shut down antivirus software after use.

The software involves QQ login account, please do the security measures, the software without any back door, can look for the channel, the other does not guarantee a place to download.

Decompression password: www.137844.xyz

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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