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Win server 2016 Microsoft server operating system is a powerful, this version upgrade Add a new function, a number of new features, reliability and safety are greatly enhanced, the availability of more complete, need friends welcome to download free green resource network!

 Win server 2016

Windows Server 2016 official

Windows Server 2016 is Microsoft in the server operating system officially released 2016 years 10 months 13 days. It is designed in the style and function of the overall closer to Windows10. Although the Windows Server 2016 system, Microsoft officially released Windows Server 2016 many new functions and characteristics, but the Windows Server 2016 in the user group policy function but with previous versions of the system without big changes. Although Microsoft Corp may in Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10 introduced some special group strategy, but the Windows Server 2016 group policy framework has not changed.

Windows Server 2016 official version features

To improve the security of operating system - from the beginning

To prevent malicious attacks and detect suspicious activities: operating system and your workload. The security properties of Windows Server 2016 built-in control privileged access, protection virtual machine And strengthen the capacity of threat prevention platform.

Software defined data center of efficient use of security features for more details

Computing, storage and network technology to reduce costs and increase the flexibility of the data center and controllable degree by using the software defined. Your data center automation operation using elastic operating system, and obtain a system with cloud efficient characteristics of the same Microsoft Azure in data center.

More details of the definition of data center software characteristics of the use of cloud ready application workloads to accelerate innovation

In the Windows Server 2016 security deployment and run existing applications, converting it into a new kind of native cloud model. To help developers using containers, micro service and Nano Server's technology innovation and create internal deployment procedures and cloud applications.

Windows Server 2016 features

1, a new multi-storey safety

Through the multiple built-in protection, enhance safety and reduce risk.

2, the new deployment options

Through the light Nano Server, improve the availability and reduce the resource usage.

3, built-in container

Flexible development and management, is entirely due to Server and Hyper-V container Windows.

4, cost-effective storage space

Create a highly available and scalable software defined storage space, and reduce the cost.

5, innovation network function

Software defined network function, with similar efficiency of automation in the cloud.

6, strengthen your safety - from the beginning of the operating system

In the operating system and the work load of the important position, to prevent malicious attacks and detect suspicious activity. Depending on the security built Windows Server 2016 in the function, control, protection of special permission to access the virtual machine, and strengthen the harm of platform from emerging threats.

7, to improve the efficiency of software defined data center

In computing, software defined storage and network function, bring flexibility and control for your data center, while reducing the cost. In the automatic operation system and elastic performed on your data center, and provide access to the Microsoft Azure data center with many of the same cloud efficiency function.

8, cloud ready application workloads to accelerate innovation

In Windows Server 2016 on the safety of existing deployment and execution of your application, and convert it into a native new cloud model. The latest to assist developers to use containers, micro Nano service and Server technology innovation, and establish the internal deployment and cloud applications.

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