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Uedit32 Chinese green version of the latest version of v21.20.1009 Uedit32 crack version download | Uedit32 Chinese green version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Uedit32 version is a very good use of the editing software, suitable for use in the 32, small as we bring the Chinese version of the green free installation is supported, edit, insert text processing, the need to welcome friends to download experience green resources network!

The official introduction

Uedit32 is actually UltraEdit -32, this is a process of 16 professional editor, support for text, sixteen hexadecimal, ASCII code editor, some software programmers can program through the uedit32 editor Chinese cracked version of the editor to achieve the purpose of advertising.

Uedit32 Chinese green version features

The text editor based on disk
Document size is not limited, even multi megabyte files occupy minimal memory
- open and display multiple documents at the same time
Column mode editing!!! The column insert / delete / cut / add sequence
Drag and drop - Compilation

 The free version of uedit32

The file sorting (including delete duplicate files, ignorecase, ascending, descending)
100000 spelling checker
Syntax highlighting - can be configured as C/C++, VB, HTML and Java pre configuration
In a specific column to automatically enter hard
- insert file in the existing document cursor position
The file manager supports drag and drop function
- configurable toolbar
- divider window
Insertion and overprint mode for editing
Multi level undo and recovery
Compatible with Windows 3.x CUA UltraEdit
- find and replace, press the shift button, allowing the text choose between insert and search target, can replace the selected all content within the region
File search, file replacement
- go to line number / page
- monitor and printer font selection. (support all installed fonts, including TRUE-TYPE font)
- print support header, footer, page and page margins
Automatic line indentation
- tab settings
- supports wordwrapping
Sixteen - hex editor allows you to edit any binary file: support sixteen hex cut, copy and paste
Sixteen hexadecimal characters to insert and delete
Sixteen binary search and replace and replace all
- Bookmark
Edit multiple windows at the same time
Overall macro support, including saving and loading
- context sensitive help
- generated in the original file automatic backup directory file extension (.BAK)
UltraEdit keeps its screen position for each use.
Line and column number display (display disable row number)
But with the right mouse button pop-up menu
Text can switch uppercase first character uppercase
UNIX/MAC to DOS conversion
DOS to UNIX conversion
Automatic detection of UNIX/MAC file
- wrap mode conversion to CR/LF's allows the use of hard return will automatically wrap to write the file
CR/LF's to wrap (delete from file CR/LF's)
Support template
Code folding
-. More...
In addition, UltraEdit accepts the command line input can be used to replace the NOTEPAD or other editor, the editor by clicking on the file from the file manager calls the.

Reminder: Win8 x64 is not running that exit error to delete the C:\Users\ directory \AppData\Roaming\IDMComp username

Software screenshot

Download address

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