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Wireshark 64 (packetcapture tools) v2.6.2 simplified version Chinese Wireshark 64 Chinese version | Wireshark 64 (packetcapture tools) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Wireshark Capture tool

Wireshark How to download? Wireshark how to capture? Green Resources Network Xiaobian to provide a Wireshark 64 installation package, this software can be used to quickly capture network data. Users can view the relevant information network. For white users of this station also offers a capture tutorial. Welcome to download.

Software introduction

Wireshark (formerly Ethereal) is a network Capture tool . Network packet analysis software function is to capture network packets, and as far as possible to show the most detailed information on network packets. Wireshark uses WinPCAP as the interface, direct data packets and network exchange. Hurry to download it green resources network.

 Wireshark download 64

Network packet analysis software function can be thought of as "electrician using the meters to measure the current, voltage and resistance" work - just the scene transplanted to the network, and will replace the wire line network. In the past, the network packet analysis software is very expensive, or is dedicated to using the software business. Ethereal has changed all that. The GNUGPL general license under the scope of protection, the user can obtain software with source code to free the cost, and has the right to modify the source code and customized. Ethereal is currently the world's most extensive network packet analysis software.

Wireshark 64 version Chinese capture process:

Wireshark is a capture card machine on the network package, when there are multiple network adapters on your machine, you need to Choice A card.

Click on the Caputre->Interfaces below Dialog box Choose the correct card. Then click "Start" button to capture

 Wireshark 64 Chinese version

It is divided into the following interface WireShark:

1. Display Filter (display filter), used for filtering

2. Packet List Pane (packet list), display the captured packets, active. And orders Standard address, port number. Different colors represent

3. Packet Details Pane (packet details), packet in the display field

4. Dissector Pane (16 hexadecimal data)

5. Miscellanous (address bar, miscellaneous)

64 people use Wireshark:

1. in socket programming engineers will use Wireshark to debug

2. network administrators use Wireshark to check the Internet problem

3. Software Engineer Wireshark to capture, analyze their test software

4. heard that HUAWEI, ZTE Most of the engineers will use Wireshark

Software screenshot

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