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V1.5.1 version of Android Mobile Games bad handsome Bad official download | handsome Bad handsome Mobile Games The users score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Mobile Games label: Bad handsome RPG Mobile Games

Bad handsome tour is a ancient country diffuse adapted role-playing game, full application of the animation of the characters and the plot, a wonderful story into the game, the role of the development of the whole confidence by the player control, let you enjoy the experience of ancient lakes legend, let the game give you unlimited fun, like to download it green resources network!

Bad handsome official introduction:

The game is based on the popularity of bad handsome man adapted MMO, tight bearing Cartoon The story, grand plot out again, Li Xingyun, Ji Ruxue, Zhang Zifan, Lu Linxuan and other classic characters will be full debut, reproduce Poor people In the colorful world of martial arts. The main character in the game and game player can be bad in together we sing, feel bad people make a living away from home, love and hate. The plot and strike a deep chord play, game player in the game will gradually grow as righteous, rich sense of a generation of heroes, create their own legendary arena in the arena situation in!

 Bad handsome Mobile Games

Bad handsome game features:

The dream of hope - Arena

The prodigal son - Kenshin miles alone

Cloud arena sing while drinking

Look at the sword - cold light smoke past

Highlights of the game:

1, we spend to build, not for anything else for you to have fun! Online direct VIP12, free free to take various Privilege Packs free to send more stunning fashion

2, send 66800 on-line tied to gold, copper and 500W! Little surprise waiting for you to dig.

3, the value of multiple 1:500 low speed high recharge price let you Shuangwai

4, the first charge to charge lead times a week, every day is not the same! Better every day! Fashion, title, orange, orange weapons Is the spirit In one step, let you see skyrocketing power

5, free to send gold level packs! upgrade We send bullions let you have fun playing back

6, line Rebate To get soft, gold

Game evaluation:

This classic country as the theme to create magic diffuse MMORPG battle Mobile Games, classic cartoon story, feel gorgeous martial arts against the world, bad people enjoy the corners of the legendary martial arts world here, into a bright, gorgeous cool skills, a generation of heroes will join thousands of autumn, bad handsome Mobile Games into martial Arts fighting!

Mobile Games.

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