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V9.27.00.00 version of Android baby bus birthday party The baby birthday party game download | The baby bus birthday party The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

The baby birthday party app By Baby bus The launch of the mobile phone game for children's education. In the game, can let the children feel the real B-day Party, from the baby to arrange the party to exercise their ability to think, happy learning. Quickly download experience!

The game is introduced

Simulate the real birthday party scene, let the baby and buddies happy interaction, can experience the happy birthday every day.

Yeah ~ happy birthday to! Buddies quickly gathered.

This is a special birthday party! You will become the real owner of a small birthday party. From the initial to the cake snacks drinks tableware tablecloth Choice All that's up to you to decide. You see! Delicious cake, cute donuts are waving to you! There are many unexpected small gifts. Let us lit the candles to sing a birthday song to you ~ ~ Happy birthday

The baby bus focus on mobile intelligent early product development in Montessori (Montessori Education) as the theoretical basis in five areas as the basis of division according to the specific characteristics and the sensitive period of learning focus in preschool children of different ages to design products to build a "multi product system age + ability". Rich and interesting products for children in the game thinking independently enjoy exploring the world of fun learning freedom.

 The baby birthday party Download

Update log

[center]: 1. optimization parents set healthy for the rest of the baby, parents worry more assured the liberation of hands!

2. []: small cap, optimized according to the baby learning situation, recommended learning content, scientific collocation, let the baby every day a new harvest!

3. [Bug] repair system: silently repair some small bug~ models

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