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Cad2008 tornado Lite AutoCAD2008 Lite | tornado simplified Chinese Cad2008 tornado Lite The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Cad2008 AutoCAD

Cad2008 tornado Lite Is a free version of CAD Chinese Drawing software This streamlined version, for everyone to keep the core function, remove the tedious small plug-in, can be used for image processing and editing! Welcome to the user to download using green resources network!

Software introduction

AutoCAD 2008 extended the existing powerful sharing tools (for example, the current DWG file output for the old version of DWG and can output and input with the red line and redlining marking information DWF file), and improved the input and the DWF file as a reference map of the graphics operation function. In addition, AutoCAD 2008 now have released a graphic file in PDF format function.

AutoCAD2008 Lite Chinese tornado simplified function introduction

There are 1. powerful graphics editing.

2. to support a variety of hardware devices.

3. perfect drawing function.

4. can be used in a variety of ways to develop two times or customized.

The conversion of 5. can be a variety of graphic formats, with strong ability of data exchange.

The 6. is universal, easy to use, suitable for all types of users, in addition, starting from AutoCAD2000, the system adds many powerful features, such as AutoCAD Design Center (ADC), multi document design environment (MDE), Internet drive, a new object capture function, enhanced functional annotation and local open and local the function of loading.

 Cad2008 tornado Lite

The software features

1.AutoCAD has a good user interface, through the interactive menu or command line can carry out various operations. Its multi document design environment, let the computer professionals can also quickly learn to use. A better grasp of its various applications and developing skills in the process of continuous practice, so as to improve work efficiency.

2.AutoCAD 2008:2007,12,3 provides all the functionality to create, display, record and share ideas required. The design environment will be used AutoCAD commands and familiar user interface and update together, enabling you to explore the way and idea of hitherto unknown.

3.AutoCAD has extensive adaptability, it can run in the operating system supports a variety of micro computer and workstation, and support the resolution by a variety of graphics 320 * 200 to 2048 * 1024 display 40 kinds, and 30 kinds of digital instrument and mouse, plotter and printer dozens, which created the conditions for the popularization of AutoCAD.

Cad2008 tornado Lite operating instructions:

Input PDF geometry

The PDF file is used for a common method for viewing and marking the release and sharing of design data. In AutoCAD, you can from PDF file In the input geometry, TrueType text and raster image, and as the original DWG geometric graphics editing.

Three dimensional printing (enhanced )

There are a number of 3D printing options Choice The 3D model is transmitted to the external 3D printing service. Or install Print Studio tool, which is connected to the 3D printer or create print file for future use.


The new "transplant custom settings" tool provides an information rich modern style interface, you will facilitate early versions of the custom settings and files ported to AutoCAD.

Retina display support

High resolution graphics function of AutoCAD for Mac software fully supports Retina display. See the user interface in the HD graphics, from the toolbar icon to the canvas, paint rendering and so on, this is not the only one.

Software screenshot

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Is AutoCAD2008 Lite, compressed a lot, much smaller than the original, that is afraid of space

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