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Software introduction

Software label: VGA driver drive

The video controller VGA driver Is a good driver software, strong compatibility, can be used as a universal The graphics driver If you use the computer graphics card is not recognized, can be at this station, free to download and install the driver!

Software introduction

Video controller VGA compatible driver can solve card recognition and video controller appeared exclamation, when the VGA video controller you compatible when there exclamation mark that the corresponding driver is not installed, the system is not working properly, install the VGA video controller provides compatible driver can be the perfect solution.

 Video controller VGA compatible driver

Usage method

Please according to your motherboard chip Choice install

The video controller driver VGA compatible version of the installation method

1. specific methods are: right click "my computer" and select "management" from the pop-up menu.

2. in the open "computer management" window, click the" device management ", then install the driver is not normal (i.e. a yellow exclamation point) the name right click, select" update driver ".

3. in the open "driver installation wizard" window, select "install from a list or specific location" and click "next", and then specify the location of the driver, click "next" to automatically update the hardware driver.

Software screenshot

Download address

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