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Software introduction

Ulead VideoStudio X5 ri Is a special auxiliary tool VideoStudio X5 development, can be used to activate (Corel VideoStudio Pro X5) Chinese simplified version, very easy to use, easy to operate and can supply the perfect activation, Teti users to download and use

VideoStudio X5 introduction

VideoStudio X5 Amadis video editor, editor, senior set innovation effect, Adobe Captivate Web, interactive video and CD-ROM production methods in one. It is fast and attached to provide a variety of visual tools that enable you to create a variety of media, from family album to film and animation photography, presentation interesting screen recording and tutorials. The use of advanced synthetic function and first-class creative effect and give full play to your creativity. All the processing capacity of mining your computer using fast multi-core processor hitherto unknown. DVD and Blu-ray use the HTML5 video support and enhance the production, sharing whenever and wherever possible?.

VideoStudio X5 registration function

VideoStudio X5 can handle advanced camera footage, including more than ever 3D camera. This version contains 3D Camcorder support, shooting stop motion animation Canon and DSLR support. VideoStudio X5 also supports the newer HD Camcorder frame rates, so you can edit in 50 or 60fps mode, the rate of movement is very suitable for fragments High quality And slow motion effects.

 VideoStudio X5 registration code

The screen capture provides: Screen capture Function, or capture full screen or part of the screen, put the document in the VideoStudio timeline, and add the title, the training effect, narration; video output for a variety of file formats, the Blu ray disc can be applied to the network!

HTML5 output: use can instantly create and output HTML5 network works real, individual image, title and video can be arranged or used as a HTML5 page; output MPEG4/WebM HTML5 video format;

Enhanced media library: template library is applied directly to the media library, create your own templates or import templates stored in the library.

Introduction of hierarchical PaintShop Pro file to create multiple templates and in the effect and import it into a plurality of tracks in the VideoStudio, the composite template and multi track synthesis is very fast and convenient.

Add DVD function: increase the DVD burning features and tools, you can record DVD movie subtitles, print disc labels or directly to the ISO burn to cd.

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