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The young kingdoms family travel version of the v5.0.6 version of Android The young kingdoms tour family | Download The young family travel version of the Three Kingdoms The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

The young Kingdoms Family Travel Edition platform website Is a stereo Mobile Games card A teenager, the blood of! Break through the traditional game card character fetters settings, join the real cool punch combo skills and carefree experience. Bring you one of the cool audio-visual experience! You can not only read the hero and the young brilliant, can also personally involved in the production process!

Swim teenager Romance of the Three Kingdoms introduce

The young Kingdoms "is a super cool fighting punch technology, is the main stereo card Mobile Games. Play cards to break the traditional characters in the most direct way, the generals Fit Usually, with smooth batter effects enjoy "popping" to defeat the enemy of pleasure. The game gives everyone a 16 year old face, to abandon the traditional three intrigues and heroes twilight, but show every three characters in the life the most brilliant side, let you stay in cool blood feelings among the young. The unique personality of the generals dubbing, dynamic scenes that take you through the true to life, very touching in troubled times!

The young kingdoms tour family version features

In the name of the young, three remodeling!

The young boy opinionated, brilliant dream, youth of pure friendship...... "The young Kingdoms" no hero twilight, no failure, only hard work and happiness, only the youth and glory, every countries who appear in their most brilliant young time, while you are playing junior, is destined to become the king of the three people!

At the same time, the game design to the youth, to give every three heroes a 16 year old face, a special fashion dress, metal armor accessories show cool.

 The young kingdoms tour family version download

Really, your skills to release, smooth cool combos!

"The young Kingdoms" in the fetters of the generals were no longer just by fate combination relationship to activate stats, can let the combined effect directly to trigger punch strokes. When the three generals have the fate of the fetters of the same venue, will cast a brilliant punch skills, give heavy losses on the enemy!

The stereo character breathing movements movable scene

"The young Kingdoms" to subvert the traditional card of the plane, breaking box set, game characters in the game Propaganda Three dimensional map image to do the show in front of everyone, and the characters of the respiratory movements and cool special effects skills, make each character vivid. At the same time the game the weather rendering, lighting effects, moving scene, you can see the sun through the clouds cast a mottled shadow, from time to time flying across the sky, gurgling streams, a prosperous scene, the full of vigour.

- the real voice shouted, heroic

"My name is Yan Zhang Yide, who dares to face me!" Zhang Fei was a wild cry, O Cao Cao back tens of thousands of soldier. Now, you are "young Kingdoms", also can hear every star personality very real voice, experience and passion to the blood on the battlefield! Maybe you can find acquaintances voice oh!

- all the people involved in the planning, you can also

"The young Kingdoms" determined to create the first "public participation planning" Mobile game You can personally design, the game's plot or dialogue, hero dubbing, game content even more depth setting! As long as your creativity is accepted, will be written by the merit list, all game player's attention and worship! We play games, we work together to create!

Update log

V5.0.6 update:

The battle of Xiaoyaojin [] a new inter service competition, will meet with the boys. The new real map, immersive experience the excitement of the battlefield mast scull ashes to ashes. Ready? Let us witness the birth of the overlord.

[] open his unique military system, as the extension of the new 2 stations battle generals. This will bring a new battle mode, distribution, collocation, the war generals lineup changes also will be more confrontational and strategy.

[alliance] union resident resident new revision, "set" many elements in the world, and will continue to open a series of functional architecture. The new alliance set strategy, leisure, sports as a whole, fast and alliance boys together, enjoy the experience.

V4.9.64 update:

[color] new quality generals generals of glory came with scene change strokes, bring cool visual effects at the same time to the boys, but also opened a new dimension of general skills. With the unique system and develop new skills!

[theme] launch customized skin color skin styles, colorful generals, choose! Teenagers can be free to replace the generals skin, show their unique style!

[color] biography each have an independent voice, the generals prize on life, painting and other rich content, the teenagers in the exploration of decryption at the same time, can also be more immersed to the generals colorful life.


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