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Software introduction

Large capacity rp630 driver is designed for use in large capacity rp630 printer friend to prepare the official drivers, can easily help you connect the printer to the computer, there is a need of a friend welcome to download and use of green resources network!

Large capacity rp630 printer features

1. support for two-dimensional code printing

The 2.1+4 replication ability, the last link is still clear

3. needle needle cycle, and prolong the service life of compensation

4. support 82. Print, meet wider printing needs

 Large capacity rp630 drive

Large capacity rp630 driver installation method

1. your device is connected to the computer equipment through the USB data line

2. points to open the driver to start the installation, do not modify the installation directory

3. the installation process will not bear the equipment through the USB data line pull out computer

4. installation manual ejection USB data line, you can use the boot device

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