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VDM virtual drive (Virtual Drive Manager) v1.32 sinicized Green Edition VDM virtual CD-ROM Download VDM virtual CD-ROM (Virtual Drive Manager) User ratings: 8

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Software introduction

VDM Virtual CD-ROM It is a virtual drive installed on the computer side, which is suitable for various file operations. Let's download the experience of green resource web.

VDM virtual CD-ROM introduction

Virtual Drive Manager is a small program in All Image of Towodo company. It is a small and practical virtual driver management tool, supporting the loading of common image files such as.Img,.Bin,.Iso,.Nrg and so on.

 VDM virtual CD-ROM Green Edition

VDM virtual CD-ROM instructions

1. only two files can be run directly, without loading additional boot driven scripts.

2. automatically load / unload the corresponding drive service when the program runs / exits. There is no need to copy the drive files to the system directory, and no empty entries will be left in the registry Services.

3. this version can run on the system with EXFAT patch (KB955704). The earlier version will conflict with the EXFAT patch blue screen.

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