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Keve Cobra game mouse driver v1.0 latest official version Keve mouse driver download | Cobra Keve Cobra game mouse driver The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Keve Cobra Mouse driver It is designed for use with the keve Cobra game mouse friend to the official driver, suitable for a variety of system, can let you easily use your new mouse, there is a need of a friend can download!

 Keve Cobra mouse driver

Keve Cobra mouse features

1 7, cool color breathing light, a mouse can change 7 color combination, 000 kinds of changes, not a single color oh!

2, nylon woven wire, tensile resistance is more durable. Is not an ordinary rubber wire!

3, breathing light can control the opening and closing it bright or not bright up to you! Shut down the computer automatically extinguish the light.

4, professional gaming mouse using USB interface, computer application and system (including apple notebook computer), plug and play!

Keve Cobra game mouse driver installation method

1. download decompress keve Cobra game mouse driver;

2. double click the EXE file according to the prompts to install;

3. after installation into the mouse, can be used normally.

Software screenshot

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