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Lingoes (Lingoes) v2.9.2 the latest version of the official Lingoes official download | Lingoes (Lingoes) The users score: 8

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Software introduction

Lingoes (Lingoes) Is a very powerful Translation software At the same time, is also a very good Electronic dictionary 80, support multi language translation, massive thesaurus, word as you check, and reading function, teach you the standard pronunciation. Quickly download experience!

Lingoes is introduced

Lingoes is a concise and easy to use free translation and dictionary software, support Internet search translation, multilingual support screen, index tips and speech function in more than more than 60 countries in the global language, is a new generation of dictionary translation experts. Lingoes is a powerful dictionary and translation tools. It can help the user in reading and writing, let not skilled in foreign language reading or writing articles in your English become simpler and easier.

 Lingoes official download

Lingoes characteristics

More than 22 kinds of language translation

Text translation services provided by Lingoes, the integration of the world's most advanced translation engine, including Systran, Promt, Cross, Yahoo, Google and Altavista, so that the text translation has never been easier, you can be free Choice They translate your text, and the translation of different engine results were compared, to help you understand that you are not familiar with the language of the text. These languages include English, German, Italian, Russian, and West, grapes, Netherlands, Greece, Sweden, (Jane), (fan), Japan, Korea, Arabia...

More than 80 language Internet search translation

Lingoes provides more than 80 multiple language dictionary translation function of the world, to support Internet search translation between languages. These languages include English, French and german, Russian Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese Esperanto, and more...

Words and text reading

The latest TTS voice reading engine based on Lingoes provides functional words and text reading, so that you can quickly get the pronunciation of the word, to facilitate learning and memory.

Ctrl key screen, which means that the translation of languages

Use the Lingoes screen function, the screen can be translated words in any position. You just press the Ctrl button, the system will automatically identify the cursor pointing to the word, instant translation results are given.

Now, the screen has supported the English French German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and Korean Chinese...

Free download massive Thesaurus

We plan to provide thousands of different languages and disciplines of the dictionary for free download, every day now increasing...

We currently have provided some of the commonly used dictionaries, including English Chinese / Chinese English dictionary, Chinese dictionary, Chinese / French / German / Japanese Chinese dictionary, Chinese Japanese dictionary, Russian Chinese dictionary, Han Ying dictionary, you can search more dictionaries from the dictionary in the library.

Open the thesaurus management

Open the thesaurus management mode, so you can according to their need to download and install the thesaurus, and setting them free to use and arrangement.

Programmable appendix system provides a variety of useful tools and information

Appendix system innovation to similar Vista lingoes. sidebar The concept of /Yahoo Widget is introduced into the dictionary in the appendix to the appendix system into an application platform, through HTML + Javascript programming, design a variety of practical tools.

The appendix Lingoes has been built in the "exchange rate", "metric conversion", "code" international telephone, "international time zone conversion", "calendar", "scientific calculator", "periodic table", "font conversion Chinese characters" and a series of practical tools and common data.

Online dictionary and Wikipedia

No need to install a thesaurus locally, you can use the Lingoes network through online dictionary service, you can get the same quick detailed translation results. We also provide users with Wikipedia encyclopedia online query, it has a total of 9 languages, 3500000 articles.

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Download address

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