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Kmspico win7 ultimate v10.1.9 kms activation tool free version of _32/64 Kmspico win7 64 | activation tool Kmspico win7 ultimate kms activation tool The score: 8

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Software introduction

Kmspico win7 64 activation tool Is the windows system for the design of a user Win7 activation tool . Can help users to quickly activate the win7 official version of the program. The operation is simple and easy to use. Green Resources Network Xiaobian specially provides graphic activation detailed tutorial. Come download it.

Software introduction

KMSpico is also called KMS activation tool, KMSpico is currently the most successful and frequently updated Windows activation tool, window system can activate any version of any version of the Office software, even the latest win8, win10 and Office2010 , Office2016 Also be nothing difficult. KMSpico compact, 100% pure, the latest version has support local activation, without networking state can be perfectly activated.

Kmspico win7 64 activation tool software features

1. automatic activation, you do not need manual intervention

2. in addition to 180 days will be activated once, no defects!

3. simple, can be a key to activate the system program

Kmspico activation tool support activation products include:

Windows 7 Ent ERP Rise

Windows 7 Professional

Kmspico win7 activation tool with operation steps:

The activation of 1.kmspico tutorial

This has been in accordance with the "next" until the last show "finish" button, and then click finish"

 Kmspico win7 activation tool

 Kmspico win7 64 activation tool

 Kmspico win7 activation tool

 Kmspico win7 64 activation tool

 Kmspico win7 activation tool

2. activation, Choice The system icon to activate (because the tool can also be activated by Office2013), and then click the red button on the left corner.

 Kmspico win7 64 activation tool

3. after activation can check the activation status

 Kmspico win7 activation tool


The software needs Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Whether it can successfully uninstall kmspico activation?

The activation of kmspico can be unloaded, but it is not recommended to do so. If you choose to uninstall, no problem, just then reinstall the activation procedure. The validity of each provided by KMS Server sequence number is only 180 days, instead of the other version of the permanent use of a serial number. So when the operator must expire this manually connect to the KMS server to provide a new serial number, or 180 days later will be back On trial Release status. So if you have been using the version of the program, activate later, so as to feel no harm, no unloading more convenient.

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Software screenshot

Download address

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