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KMS office2018 V11.3 for mini version of the latest version of win7/win10 Kms mini version download | activation tool A mini version of KMS office2018 The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Mini KMS Activation tool

Mini KMS Office Two thousand and eighteen Is a can help the user to activate office2018, win10, win7, system tools, support a key activation and view the system state, need friends to download it to the Green Resources Network

Brief introduction of a mini version of the KMS office2018

A mini version of the KMS 2018 is a Win8.1/Office 2013 to activate the offline version of the most activate tools, almost not connected to the Internet to activate all versions of Windows and Office, to support the automatic renewal, including Win7, Win8, 1, Server2008, Office, 201O/2013, Windows various 10 technology preview version. Produced by Harbin Engineering University named a domestic and close friends know. Small size less than 4MB, and there is no need to install NET 4.0 can run perfectly Chinese graphical interface makes operation at a glance.

 Kms Mini activation tool download

Kms Mini activation tool function

The installation of Windows and Office KMS keys;

The activation state reset Windows and Office.

To activate the Windows and Office version of VL;

Install or build KMS server;

Check the status of Windows and Office activation;

Activate the tutorial

If you click the button to activate Windows activate Windows, if activated Office 2010 Click the button to activate WindowsOffice 2010 VL, Office 2013, click the button to activate if the activation of the "WindowsOffice 2013 VL", 180 days after the expiration, the same operation can be executed again.

If you want to remove 180 days to perform a activation operation, you can click the button "[] advanced inside the installation of automatic renewal service", click "uninstall uninstall if automatic renewal service can be.

If not installed Windows and Office installed, can click on the button to activate, you can click the button "button to activate (ALL) and automatic renewal, to complete the activation and automatically install renewal service.

"Automatic renewal service" is to keep the boot, maintain the activation state forever, this is optional.


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