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Software introduction

Winthruster activation tool is specially used to crack winthruster software tool, this software can help you quickly activate free winthruster, need friends, welcome to download the green resources!

 Winthruster activation tool

The WinThruster software is introduced

WinThruster is a very well-known foreign The system optimization software That can be used to fix the error recovery performance of computer software, small size, powerful. Is developed by Solvusoft Corporation, a system for error detection and repair tool, can detect and repair registry errors, such as: "Fdcent.sys" caused by the detection error caused blue screen system and program.

WinThruster function introduction

Easy to start the program manager

One of the biggest causes of personal computer slow problems with your computer at startup for the number of automatic loading program. If you are in the system tray (Windows, at the bottom of your screen contains the time of day) to see some icons, there may be too many programs you loaded at boot time. WinThruster can provide a practical program to easily manage startup items for you to fix the problem. You just press a few times, you can disable or enable any program loaded at startup.

You promptly repair

Sometimes, changes to your PC may lead to more problems, therefore, in any WinThruster make a backup of your registry will change before, so you can easily restore your PC. Just click the "restoration" button to make your PC restore to the state before.

Auto repair arrangement

WinThruster allows you to Choice The date and time to create the customer scanning Arrange. You can select daily, weekly and monthly, or when you want to start any time. You can even specify a specific date and time (for example: 2:00 Sunday morning).

The characteristics of WinThruster

Select your preferred language

Run at system startup

- repair after closing WinThruster

- Minimum WinThruster in scanning error

Automatic error recovery

- bug fixes before creating a backup

Automatically check for updates

To download the update before me

Automatic scanning errors when the software starts

WinThruster crack description

Install Setup_WinThruster_2015.exe 1.

2. open the installation folder

The 3. copy of RegcleanPro.dll to replace the Crack installation folder

4. complete

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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