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8UFTP v3.8.2.0 version of the green free software 8uftp green version download | 8UFTP software The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: 8UFTP FTP On The Go PRO

8UFTP Is the FTP client tools, multithreading, support online decompression. Very incisive ftp client . The smallest FTP client tools. Lifetime free Chinese version, non Chinese version, non cracked version.

8UFTP client tools:

- Support Chain Download

The direct support online decompression

 8uftp Green Edition

- quick Delete remote folder

The exclusive support multithreading upload speed is 3 times that of ordinary FTP tools

8UFTP intelligent extension services:

- support online file decompression

Anti - attack 21 port CC

Anti - FTP password

- quick Delete remote folder

Be careful:

1, 8UFTP client tools to support the market on all FTP server.
2, 8UFTP tools to achieve online decompression, chain download, remote search and other functions to extend the server 8UFTP intelligent tool support.
3, 8UFTP intelligent expansion server tools is installed on the FTP server where the server supports MSFTP and Serv-U.

Update log:

Version: 8UFTP client

1. add 8UFTP new recommendation information page, the use of 8UFTP station users can submit your website for free to add

Version: 8UFTP client 1. fixed file transfer may abort error
The 2. amendment to the file status display incorrectly
3. optimization of the FTP search method, improve search accuracy
Version: 8UFTP client
1. optimize multi-threaded download or upload function
2. perfect some user experience
Version: 8UFTP client 1. repair last update upgrade There is BUG. (recommendations as soon as possible upgrade)
Version: 8UFTP client addresses the number of huge file download may be abnormal exit problem
2. optimize download logic, improve download speed
3. solve some problems Chinese directory cannot be displayed properly

Software screenshot

Download address

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