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Construction Bank Chinese Apple App v4.1.3.005 iPhone version Construction Bank IOS client download | Construction Bank China Apple App The score: 8

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Software introduction

Bank for economic construction IOS version of the client Is the Construction Bank for Apple users Mobile phone bank . To help users better manage their mobile phone in the bank account, all kinds of financial products recommended, payment of fees, Credit Card Management, mobile phone recharge, complete function, users need to take green resources network to download it.

Construction Bank Apple version features

Construction Bank Chinese mobile phone bank iPhone version is designed for Apple mobile phone users to create handheld mobile banking, according to the characteristics of iPhone, fully integrated into the intelligent mobile phone features, the interface is very refreshing, complete function. Have the remittance, payment, account management, investment banking, credit card, mobile phone recharge, network map and other commonly used functions at the same time, also to provide our clients with the online ticket, ticket booking, Great wisdom Deposit Lenders ToolBox CCB, mall, two-dimensional code card and so convenient service life. The interface design of cool, smooth, innovative and practical functions let you fully enjoy the pleasure of life is moving, always accompany your side of the good helper of financial life.

 Construction Bank IOS version

Brief introduction of the Construction Bank Chinese

The Construction Bank of Chinese (referred to as the construction bank or bank, first name for the people's Construction Bank, Construction Bank China China renamed in March 26, 1996) was established in 1954 (Sino Japanese years) in October 1st, is a joint-stock business The bank is one of the five major state-owned commercial banks. The Construction Bank of Chinese main business areas including corporate banking, personal banking and financial services, China mainland 14121 branches (2012), in Hongkong, Taiwan, Melbourne and other places have a branch, CCB fund, CCB, CCB leasing trust CCB life, the Sino German Housing Savings Bank, CCB CCB, CCB London Asia, Russia, Dubai, China Construction Bank CCB international and other subsidiaries, to provide comprehensive financial services for clients. Construction Bank Chinese has a broad customer base, keep the bank business contacts with a number of leading enterprises and large enterprise groups China economic strategic industry, the marketing network covering the major regions of the country, in 2013 6 at the end of the month, the market capitalization of $176 billion 700 million, ranked the world's fifth listed banks. In May 8, 2014, 2014 Forbes Global 2000 list released, CCB ranked the second largest company in the world.

Construction Bank Chinese version of apple

1, query service including balance inquiries, details and other;

2, remittance transfers, including mobile phone to mobile phone call to the current interbank transfer, etc.;

3, recharge payment including mobile phone recharge (with others can), pay for mobile phone fee, telephone fee, utility fees, tuition fees, traffic fines, travel tax and Insurance Fee and other expenses;

4, credit card services including credit card balance, has a query / not the bill; for my name or other credit card repayment of rmb;

5, view real-time quotes account gold account gold, real time transactions and pending transactions and account inquiries Precious metals trading And positions;

6, account management including add or delete mobile phone registered bank account, modify the alias, set the preferred account;

7, our services include: modify the login password management, binding equipment etc..

Security mechanism

In terms of security, using the full data encryption and password protection, overrun login timeout control mechanism, and through user information binding, message authentication and other security measures, funds for your trading escort.

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