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Hand tour version of Android v6.5.3 (gaming community) Tencent hand travel treasure app download | Hand travel treasure (gaming community) The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

Hand travel treasure The latest version Launched by the Tencent official of a social gaming platform, comprehensive coverage of the Tencent owned by a variety of games, here you can find his team opened the black, voice communication is convenient, but also can timely access to the latest games and activities of the information, welcome to green resources under the net load!

Tencent Mobile Games Treasure official introduction

Hand travel treasure is APP Tencent game The voice of social platform for the majority of users, to create real, sound, efficient, fun game to open the black speech community. Set free voice channel, a key game starter, exclusive game packs as one side team opened the black chat music, card does not fall without delay, with a clear, save electricity and flow of high-quality service for the entire game game player, make the process more interesting. Glory of Kings Eat chicken, Mobile Games and other popular games opened the black preferred APP, QQ or support WeChat One click login, share buddy, with black easier!

Hand travel treasure product function

1, all kinds of automatic recognition in mobile phone Hot Mobile Games Automatic, establish the standard area, the latest information Raiders.

2, Raiders game news, real-time updates directly after offline browsing, save traffic more effectively.

3, the new service notice known in advance, set for new service reminder that easy to grab the first name.

4, hot Mobile Games package Get online. Participate in activities to earn points for "treasure" Mobile Games special package.

5, game player community is about to open, easy to find like-minded new friends to share the fun of the game.

 Hand travel treasure

Hand travel treasure software features

Game area: providing customized gaming service, exclusive game data, more exciting topics hi earthshaking.

The first Hao Li: a key for your game, welfare, massive fine hand travel packs as you choose Tencent.

Game screen recording: practical screen recording tool to help you record the whole process of super!

The game live: male god goddess small meat, anchor online to accompany you to play, can also send flowers oh!

Game forum : Tencent official Mobile Games forum found like-minded buddy.

To update the content:

1. voice ball floating window experience Optimization

2. cards add more game information

3. other BUG and optimization experience, more exciting waiting for you to find

Mobile Games.

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