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Camtasia 9 registered machine (activation code generator) Green Free Edition Camtasia Studio 9 download | Fillmore Camtasia 9 registered machine (activation code generator) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Camtasiastudio

Camtasia studio 9 ri Is a green free serial number activation code generator tool! Can help users successfully break the official version of the program. Really do not spend money to buy the activation code can experience the full screen video function! Not much to say, do not know how to use the buddy can also refer to the next small series provide a detailed tutorial!

Camtasia Studio 9 registered machine operation method:

1. open the "Keygen.exe", then click "Generate" to "RegInfo.ini" file.

2. right click "RegInfo.ini", Choice The "Edit", just add a character, behind the fifth row = such as: ValidationData1=2, and then close the file after adding preservation.

3. right click on "RegInfo.ini", select "copy".

Double click the "3. to go to the RegInfo.ini directory" shortcut "to the RegInfo.ini directory, and then click the right button to select the blank paste, determine coverage.

Right click on the "4. RegInfo.ini", select "properties" attribute "read-only" check. (note: Uninstall the software To remove the read-only to uninstall)

Enjoy 5!

 Camtasia Studio 9 registered machine

Login instructions:

User name: Admin

(serial number: ZLACM-2YZ4K-D6CCA-CCC5M-L88CE Green Resources Network editorial recommendation sequence number: TJ5U3-3CRJC-N4TBK-CPLLR-V3MF9 )

1, install fill in the serial number, user name to write;

2, do not start installing software, find the following file is read-only!

Note: please do not uninstall the software will cancel the file read-only, or uninstall the program may not be successful!

WinXP:%ProgramData%\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio 8\RegInfo.ini"

Win7: "%AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\TechSmith\Camtasia Studio 8\RegInfo.ini"

Camtasia Studio introduction:

Camtasia Studio is the most professional screen recording and editing software package. The software provides a powerful video screen (Camtasia Recorder), editing and video (Camtasia, Studio) (Camtasia MenuMaker) video menu and video theater (Camtasia Theater) and video playback (Camtasia Player), can be easily performed screen recording and dubbing, video clips and animations add subtitles and watermark, video cover and menu, video compression and playback.

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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