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Securefxv8.0 register free version Securefx Zhuceji download | Securefxv8.0 ri The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Securefx Fillmore

The latest version of the securefx 8.0 register registration machine can help users achieve the software needed to install cracked serial number capture function, let you in the software installation time can directly access to the installation sequence, enjoy free installation, easy to use permanent software, fast green resource network to download it!

The official introduction

SecureFX can realize the secure transmission of documents more effectively, you can directly drag the file to the Windows Explorer and other procedures in the use of the new drag and drop functionality, also can make full use of automation characteristics of SecureFX, realize the automatic transmission without human interference files. The new version of SecureFX using a password database, with FIPS 140-2 encryption requirements, improved X.509 certificate authentication, can easily open multiple sessions, and improve the function of the agent SSH.

Securefx registered machine features

With the SecureCRT integration: Nowadays, the integration of SecureCRT and SecureFX can be better. Two procedures can be shared global options, session options and hotkeys data base Therefore, the program defaults, session settings or accept server hotkey operation, you only need to perform a can.

Event sound: when connecting, transmission and error events, you can Choice Play a pre specified prompt sound file. IPv6: support the IPv6 standard, to solve the many constraints of current IPv4 standard.

 Securefx Zhuceji Download

Securefx registered machine features

Appoint firewall : you can create any number of firewall configuration, separately for each session.

The drag and drop feature enhanced: allows you to perform file drag and drop support to Windows Explorer, the desktop or other programs (such as WinZip) into and out of such documents, make you more simple file transfer.

The common problems of securefx8.0 register machine

SecureCRT Chinese garbled solution is set UTF-8 problem description

View server encoding

See the Linux encoding, modify for their own needs, this paper will have UTF-8 as an example.

Modify the configuration file of Linux server:

[root@iitshare ~]# / VI Etc /sysconfig/i18n

If the installation system selection English system, put the LANG into the field:

LANG= "en_US.UTF-8"

If the installation system chooses Chinese system, put the LANG into the field:

LANG= "zh_CN.UTF-8"

Decompression password:

Software screenshot

Download address

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