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Software introduction

Software label: Kingdee kis Kingdee

Kingdee kis9.1sp1 RI win7/win8/xp is an expenditure standard edition and professional edition activation code generated artifact! The use of this software can automatically generate serial number information, realize the free activation registration service! It can be used indefinitely, oh, don't worry about the registration code to expire problem!

Kingdee kis9.1 registration machine

Kingdee kis9.1 registered machine powerful, simple operation, no matter you are installing kis9.1 professional edition or Kingdee Kingdee kis9.1 Standard Edition can be activated! Users need to quickly download network use green resources!

 Kingdee mini version 9.1 registered machine

The function of Kingdee kis9.1 software introduction

Cashier management

The daily management of cash and bank journal, bank statement reconciliation automatically

Preset bank balance sheet adjustment, financial daily report, monthly report, long-term outstanding account, monitor the use of funds

Specification for check registration, use, reimbursement, verification, printing and other daily work

Business management

Business verification for billing inquiries, simplify the contacts management workload, strengthen exchanges management

With aging analysis, help enterprises timely collection, to prevent the occurrence of bad debts

General Accounting

Multi currency management, accurate accounting, automatic transfer, checkout, report generation, easy to complete the daily accounting process

Accounting of project management, support the fine accounting business, provide financial and business analysis and multi dimension

Accounting vouchers, books and statements Lianzha, account card clear and accurate financial data

Fixed assets management

The purchase of fixed assets, changes, clean up abandoned tracking, automatic depreciation, and fully guarantee the security of assets

Fixed assets card inquiries, various fixed assets management reports, help enterprises to fully grasp the use of fixed assets

Salary management

The calculation formula is simple, flexible project settings, help enterprises timely wage calculation

A plurality of preset wage statements, convenient for enterprises to grasp the enterprise personnel wages and labor costs

Report management

Preset in line with the new accounting standards, accounting and report template requirements of accounting system of small enterprise accounting system, enterprises, individual industrial and commercial households accounting system, including balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, easy to meet the application needs of the industry

Support custom report, header, footer, body format can be formulated, report transformation function and dozens of FetchCount formula, can take a number from the accounting system, meet the enterprise reporting requirements

Kingdee KIS mini version introduction

Kingdee KIS mini version of the product is a kind of accounting system, financial personnel design of various types of enterprises and institutions for Kingdee KIS accounting mini version of the system, is the core of financial management information system. System for document processing as the main line, to provide certificate processing, withholding amortization processing, automatic transfer, exchange, transfer and accounting functions, and subjects of budget, accounting, cash flow statement and other financial management functions, and through the unique project accounting function, accounting refinement of the enterprise business.

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