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Kingdee kis Professional Edition 10 registered machine version of the green free Kingdee Professional Edition 10 Fillmore download | Kingdee kis Professional Edition 10 registered machine The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Kingdee

Kingdee kis Professional Edition 10 register is a green free serial number generator, can be free to activate Kingdee professional 10 program, enjoy the paperless financial office experience! The first use of friends if you do not know the correct operation steps, detailed registration machine can refer to Green Resources Network Xiaobian provide tutorial and crack tutorial! Welcome to download!

 Kingdee kis Professional Edition 10 registered machine

The software features

1. roses

Accounting experience is simple, friendly, direct entry certificate check book report.

2. affordable worry

High quality and low price, the price of a permanent free use. upgrade No limit on the number of accounts.

3. intimate service

QQ, remote assistance, one to one service, remove your menace from the rear.

4. peace of mind

Online payment, installation, open, stand-alone version to backup your data entry.

Register with Kingdee Professional Edition 10 registered machine tutorial:

1, start the encryption server executes the register into registration documents (feature code first run the encryption server replication, by default not.).

2, stop the encryption server, copy the PJ BIGNUMVB.DLL into the c:windows\system32\ directory (the original 50K file could not be deleted, can be renamed processing).

3, start the encryption server, into the registration document, suggesting that the registration is successful, but still did not show the number of stations.

4, the server will stop encryption, system32 BIGNUMVB.DLL File recovery PJ files can be deleted.

5, PJ BIGNUMVB.DLL will be copied to the c:windows\system32\KISCOM\ directory.

6, start the encryption server, site number, registration success.

Note: you can't change the order, or restore the original BIGNUMVB.DLL file encryption server will start after the c:windows\system32\KISCOM\ under the PJ file, resulting in failure of registration.

Kingdee professional 10 professional tutorial:

1: Click KISSetup installation. First of all, the installation of environmental monitoring. If prompted to install "sentinel system", on the point of the installation. If there is no indication to install the file directly point to determine. Then start the installation of Kingdee KIS professional edition. At the next step, until the end......

2: start the registration process of software. Click on the lower right corner of the desktop KIS encryption server (or start button - all programs - Kingdee KIS Professional Edition tools, encryption server) "registered" -- "soft encryption user registration" - a copy of "the software of feature code will be used.

 Kingdee Professional Edition 10 registered machine

3: open the "Kingdee kis Professional Edition v10.0 Fillmore _ patch" package, open inside the "kingdeel.exe", just copy the software code paste in, click on the "production license", will generate a dat file in the patch folder, which is to use the lincense file. (such as the next step after finally import the file)!

 Kingdee kis Professional Edition 10 registered machine

In no hurry to close the folder, click the "intall.cmd", will be automatically copied to the BigNumVB.dll directory to C. Go back to the "soft encryption and user registration interface, click on the introduction of the" lincense file ", find the dat file has generated, you can import.

Decompression password:

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