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Software introduction

XCOM v2.0 is doing what ? Is to provide free serial debugging function in the serial debugging process to help you with the best quality at the same time, the software debugging results, the interface is very refreshing, easy to use, suitable for all kinds of debugging work, fast to download it green resources network!

ATK XCOM v2.0 official

Use serial debugging assistant, microcontroller development in XCOM V2.0, the interface design is beautiful, it is also very easy to use, and hardware connection can Choice The serial number is more; and you can view the history of the received data, and set the data receiving window color, very convenient.

 XCOM v2.0

XCOM v2.0 for serial debugging

The commonly used serial port 9 pin serial port (DB9) and 25 pin serial communication (DB25), short distance (<12m), can be directly connected with the standard RS232 port cable (RS422, RS485, far) if the distance is far, the additional modulation and demodulation (MODEM). The most simple and commonly used is three line connection method, namely, receiving and sending data to a.

XCOM v2.0 source code

ALIENTEK serial debugging assistant ATK-XCOM V2.0 1. increased the number of a plurality of transmit, as many as 40 2. entries can be edited arbitrarily, you want to send the import and export, the file format is Excel 3. added support for a single transmission protocol, transmission, automatic continuous continuous transmission, sending files (such as IAP serial port upgrade ), equipped with automatic retransmission mechanism and a variety of verification methods, ensure that your data is not wrong

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