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Software introduction

Ancient records Guangzhou city is the precise development of Public Information Consulting Co. Ltd., a mobile phone app, ancient records and Migu music Belong to the depth of cooperation, mainly to provide users with a wide range of tones and Customized ringing tone Such as the theme, users only need to open the app can be a key to use very convenient and simple, but also to the user Choice More special, love to green resources network to download it!

The application of ancient records

The record is accurate and focus for cooperation with the music Migu depth custom. The product function and audition order client software, customized ringing tone ringing. Provide a variety of customized ringing tone, ringing for the customer, the user can through their own needs and customize different customized ringing tone ringing. Here is the latest and most popular music in order for the user to choose.

Ancient records app

Ancient records is never a simple App Mechanics To list the good music website, ancient records has unique views in different field of music, music is recommended by a plurality of different opinion leaders in the field of music, and by the editorial staff according to their own taste in music, text, picture three in the organic combination of different users eager to express the mood and attitude.

App is committed to explore the ancient and modern music era, simple texture of sound propagation so that more independent cultural works better.

Music, with different stories, different mood, different understanding of the way of life. Music with emotion is helpless parting, someone quietly writing, someone looked uneasy. These sad, happy, lonely, warm feelings through music you infected me, let the music warm your heart.

 Ancient records app Download

Ancient records app

Here you can upload and share their own original songs.

Can meet the same creative youth.

Can the interactive cooperation together to complete a work.

Most important, we will help you complete the finishing stage, Propaganda , issued a series of follow-up work.

And you as the creator will get all reward.

We make all the preparations, such as creative of you.

Ancient records Android version highlights

Notice, quick and accurate! Find a circular, massive, reliable!

Do the audition, simple and quick! For the audition, diversity and timely!

The publishing process is simple and quick, support audio and video content + graphic support, notice WeChat, QQ, micro-blog share in real time......

Personal background support for the athletes selection, recruitment, and treatment group. The results are derived for other functions, efficient hiring.

Real time sharing WeChat, QQ and micro-blog, to support the function of registration, voting, canvassing, sharing, ranking, selection, promotion, etc. notice.

Perfect the artist materials and certification, supportingaudio multi dimension display artist.


The application of modified, let users better experience

Developer: Guangzhou City Public Information Consulting Co., Ltd. precision

Software screenshot

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