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WOO version of Android v2.0.0 wallpaper WOO app | download wallpaper WOO wallpaper The score: 8

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Software introduction

WOO wallpaper Is the development of Beijing star to enjoy the Network Information Technology Co. Ltd. a wallpaper app, the user can see a number of different theme wallpaper in the application. The application can according to user preferences automatically recommend some nice HD Mobile phone wallpaper Also, support wallpaper sharing features, making your own mobile phone screen whenever and wherever possible, is a very convenient and practical mobile phone app, love to green resources to download and use it!

The application of WOO wallpaper

WOO wallpaper, wallpaper to meet different people demand, ten new classification, keep pace with the times, to show you that you're interested in HD Wallpaper, make you more time-saving findsatisfying wallpaper, each picture are carefully selected, only for you to provide high quality wallpaper. Of course, you can also share their favorite wallpaper for everyone, help more people find wallpaper.

 WOO app download wallpaper

WOO wallpaper function introduction

New classification: Ten classification, meet different people on different needs of wallpaper

Quick Preview: can directly view the current wallpaper effect on the mobile phone, download and save settings are not satisfied with the situation

Fast sharing; share your favorite wallpaper fun with you

Give the thumbs-up : Can you love wallpaper for praise

WOO software features wallpaper

1. [1080P] Super HD

HD 1080P, look flawless on the big screen, Mito control love!

2. [1 million] massive library

Exclusive original wallpaper wallpaper million birthplace, as you choose.

3. 24 hours [hot]

There are always new Designer The photographer, Cartoon Settled, 24 hours a day uninterrupted update.

[exclusive] album theme 4.

The lock screen and the main screen to complete and exclusive theme album dazzle, updated daily non-stop!

5. [200+] character template

The lock screen can also DIY, come to do a unique lock screen wallpaper detonated circle of friends.

The WOO wallpaper highlights

1, super small memory space experience, experience the fun

2 stunning, dynamic wallpaper, animation scene

3, millions of HD Wallpaper, the current news daily synchronization

4, excellent service, and easily find classification label

5, beautiful mobile phone theme, desktop style emerge in an endless stream

6, DIY features, lock screen wallpaper themes dominated by you

Developer: Beijing star to enjoy the Network Information Technology Co. Ltd.

Software screenshot

Download address

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