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The new version of the v1.31.0 version of the Android Beijing Peace battle Download the game | Beijing Peace battle Beijing safe version of battle The score: 8

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Mobile Games introduction

The battle of peace Beijing yes NetEase game According to its popular Mobile Games card Sorcer To create MoBa Mobile Games After the game. Beauty The onmyoji MoBa combination, in the game you will control onmyoji characters in battle, love friends are welcome to download to Green Resources demo !

Ping An NetEase battle Beijing introduction

"Battle! Beijing is safe " NetEase Mobile Games The new name "code MOBA", the game uses the original luxury seiyuu lineup, authentic experience, Matsuki Douko, Gu Dai Tengu bird "onmyoji" won the popularity of MOBA competitive against god. The game completely remove the inscription system needs to spend a lot of time and money, to create a talent system. Using the mirror map, completely fair on line. Has the characteristics of upper limit of higher, more fair and more competitive while maintaining approachable.

 The battle of peace Beijing

Battle of peace Beijing Mobile Games characteristics

Simple operation, more abundant resources map

In the mode of operation and " Glory of Kings "Similar joystick control of the direction of movement skills can use smartcasting with manual casting. Compared with the map of "king of glory" more, in addition to the wild resources, the size of the dragon, accelerate the match, accelerate the map crab and other resources make it richer game content.

Sorcer IP, yin and Yang function into a bright spot

A hero in the game are from the "Yin and Yang", "Yin and yang are similar Heroes Union "The talent system, providing a total of 9 card slots, each slot corresponding to 6 different talent for the game player Choice Collocation.

Update log

V1.20.0 update:

The new version of "summer rally" on the line, fully open the S2 season!

The first half of a hot, "battle! Jing Ping "X" Inuyasha "linkage officially unveiled ~

The new Kako Kao, Ying Cao, the puppet master, Equinox flower, Komatsu pill joined Ping Beijing battlefield!

Ping Jing Animoji play line, the expansion of art competition ~ Yan shikigami

The new combat share function, friends interactive promotion value ~ fetters

Reworked the black skills, adjust the numerical strength part of high school.

Optimization of the support function of Liu and other rules and interface effect.

Adjust the part of the equipment and the effect of strength.

Adjust the numerical part of the battlefield.

Repair the part of the game problem.

Mobile Games.

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