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Denon eight 3Dios version of the v1.508.0.1 version of iPhone. Denon eight apple 3D version download | Dragon 3Dios version The score: 8

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The game is introduced

Denon eight 3D IOS version Is a tour of independent research and development, Chinese first martial arts online "Denon eight" cast effort to build the first 3D martial arts MMORPG Mobile Games masterpiece. The game adaptation of Jin Yong classic masterpiece "Denon eight", with the U3D engine to create the ultimate dazzling screen, full 3D beautiful ink style of martial arts, games and real arena perfect fusion, bring you a taste of the glint and flash of cold steel arena in the world. A total of four sects of passion Wu, the ultimate fighting experience personally on the scene. More than ten kinds of rare beasts partner, hundreds of Knight formed, stunning beauty pageant with you from all corners of the country, to the poor. Marriage, gang, self-service trading platform features such as interactive gameplay systems let sloppily lakes story another gang disputes.

Denon eight 3D IOS version of the official

Denon eight 3D is the market's first pure martial arts MMORPG Jin Yong Mobile Games, the game adaptation of Jin Yong classic masterpiece "Denon eight", with the U3D engine to create the ultimate dazzling screen, full 3D beautiful ink style of martial arts, games and real arena perfect fusion, bring you a taste of knife shadow lightsaber lakes in the world. The game to start a new story around Duan Yu, Qiao Feng, Murong Fu, Wang Yuyan, Xu Zhu, the lead character, writing a grand Jin Yong martial arts arena. A total of four sects of passion Wu, with its gorgeous smooth picture, refreshing passion, fighting everywhere people interaction, and subvert the traditional mobile gaming arena from the perspective of writing, Jin Yong created a classic original, beyond the imagination of the full three-dimensional world of martial arts game player.

 Denon eight 3D

Denon eight apple 3D version of the game features:

1. masterpiece Ling Bo micro reproduce handheld Arena

Do you want to have I, Deng Ping Du water like masterpiece? Denon eight "3D" original God dodge system, Ling Bo micro reproduction handheld arena. You can also be the same as heroes or fly over the walls, flying into the cliff to explore Wushu; Trinidad pupil, how to avoid danger, the new dodge system to help you become this era overlord.

20 thousand fun run business gang war "

The end of the tour the essence of inheritance, business play integration skills and passion in ingenious escape other gangs to plunder business pursuits, can get a huge reward, make you rich; if you are a kind of offbeat gameplay curb the violent and assist the weak, rich, let you experience the most exciting classic gang interaction.

3. ducks swim first couple teleport Nirvana

The first couple of instantaneous transmission system, in the desire to kill the arena, the sweetest moment call, let have the tacit understanding between the upgrade again. As long as you have a "call", TA will be the first time to escort for you.

4. massive sweeping martial arts festival activities to enhance combat capability

The official version of the massive festival activities, let you become a master is no longer a dream, gold, mounts, partners, beauty and strengthening materials free of charge, perhaps in a twinkling Chizha martial arts. BOSS beat, abuse opponents, soaring force values, achievement outstanding master road.

Denon eight 3D iPhone version of the game evaluation

Ink style The screen reproduce the martial arts arena

With the end of the tour game screen is close to that of the whole show classical martial arts atmosphere. The game with 3D screen flagship, regardless of the scenario building or character modeling these natural needless to say. In battle, the characters and fighting effect, will give you the feeling of dazzling. But people's eyes is the game on the scene, shaoshishan covered with maple leaf makes Shaolin Zen feeling more prominent, beside the lingjiu trees covered with snow snow let the atmosphere is also more clear spirit, so accustomed to the city atmosphere of the game player can feel the game fresh feeling.

The four major sects each occupation

RPG the same type of game and common, including remote attack (Dali), offensive and defensive (Shao Lin), high explosive (Tianshan) and group four (happy) occupation injury. Different occupation will have different tricks and techniques, and for the first time exposure to this type of game game player, suggestion Choice Shaolin is reliable, and want to play the role of women can only choose the Tianshan and carefree. In the occupation distribution, the standard two remote two melee, it will not let the balance of the game was destroyed, but also in line with Jin Yong's martial arts martial arts skill set in the broad and profound setting, different schools at different nature have different skills, so in the fight and errors of a release order of PK skills may cause disruptive consequences.

The original reduction of the original works of Jin Yong

Many game player in eight Denon see four words when he has had to enter the game, and the "Denon eight 3D" in the story is perfect to restore the original plot, have a ready pen daxitaibei, from the peak to the three brothers juxianzhuang bloody battle, battle of Shaolin Temple, a battle, reducing a classic scene, will evoke the original of the faithful Readers Have heart, let game player recall in the book classic story in the first time.

A copy of the story and make life

In the early stages of the game, we will take a copy of the main content, the game's plot to restore the original classical Jin Yong story, but for some scenes of "dragon eight 3D" or highlight the features, such as Xu Zhu because the word Chi broken Jane long chess game story, and I juxianzhuang the war the hero of the game scene, the most classic of the most important plot into a copy of the system, increase the playability of the game, but also let the game player can experience more of the story was.

Many classic tour ends of transmission system

In the game, when the system matrix beauty and restaurant system are transplanted to the end of the tour, if often contact with this kind of game player, that is already known in the game, game player will get through the debris and draw cards to enhance their combat effectiveness. "The restaurant system" from simulation of operation A kind of game, when the game player can open business and earn coins, a dish is time-consuming for several hours, but at the same time we can play the contents of the other, it is really one.

Update log

New in version 1.85.0

[] new features and options

1. Suzhou new city: snow brings thick breath of winter, red lanterns and crackling firecrackers to accompany you to spend the winter cold

2. dodge skills: let you experience the snow, leap cliff, 30 can be used

3. Gang run business: shuttling Western Road, to seek a way of earning money, you can open in the gang member property interface, to go to Suzhou to receive the task

4.: mimae appeared in the main city, miaoshouhuichun, heal the sick

5. wedding ring transmission: after use can immediately see dear TA

Optimization and repair []

1. hook skill selection: can be checked up in settings when using skills

2.. Automatic Shanrang: automatic Shanrang Wang Wang long time not on the line

3. to 9: the upper Gang amplified corresponding reward increase

4. combat effects: now the adjustment effect is more excellent

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