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The legend of War Within Three Kingdoms IOS version of the v3.5.8 version of iPhone War Within Three Kingdoms legend download apple | The War Within Three Kingdoms version of the legend of IOS The score: 8

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The game is introduced

War Within Three Kingdoms Legend War Within Three Kingdoms is the original team devoted two years committed to making 2.5D mobile phone card game. Is a prince metamorphosis type Fit Skill, subversive collocation of the "War Within Three Kingdoms" second generation light strategy game. Through the War Within Three Kingdoms world, the mysterious man's help, incarnation of Lord, God will destroy the rebels recruit three, legendary Head Brigade embarked on an epic, perfect reproduction of culture. It inherits the characteristics of "War Within Three Kingdoms", describes the hero in the world, through the collection of War Within Three Kingdoms generals, to seize the rebels as the goal, the mentality of the leader of the rebels destroyed. As a new Mobile Games card Follow, covers the history of the Three Kingdoms story, thrilling snatch strategy, have a unique style of the ladder model, plus the way through the design, make the game more interesting and novel.

The game features

Three God is the ultimate fit, building energy-saving;

Seven God free combination, to create a God squad;

Break the War Within Three Kingdoms generals attributes boundaries, free growth;

Recruit star, fate collocation, exploration three things;

A rich story, a mysterious adventure, a legendary journey;

Classic dub, gorgeous special effects, the legend of three reconstruction.

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The game is to take the card automatic battle game player to do is fight in the lineup, can play three, after the death of the dead generals bench play, as a failure.

Early to Samsung The clearance of the game player to Choice High survivability generals play, as early as long as the death of a prince can't Samsung clearance, so even a little slower played but also to ensure his survival.

The generals chosen

War Within Three Kingdoms legend, game player can choose two lieutenant to help for the battle of the generals, said is to choose the lieutenant, is actually a skill, because the Lieutenant's role is to provide an extra turn, let the Lord Lieutenant use skills. So the key lies in the fact that his skills will.

Passive generals

Passive role as lieutenant generals will increase in property. Although passive can increase the property, but has not recommended choice, said the number of rounds of lieutenant active skills will not consume will, if the choice of passive lieutenant generals, it can use less of a skill opportunity. But the following two conditions can be used:

1. previous owners need to enhance the properties (card off)

2. general skill bar has been equipped with the skills of fate.

Control field generals

Control skill effect is generally divided into two types: Defense and attack. The effect of defense is generally less injury or return to the blood, the effect of attack is to increase output or attack skills. Defensive skills are generally collocation to sell blood group of generals, is the collocation with knife attack hero.

Sell blood prince

Sell blood generals is generally divided into two types, and effects of death. Special class refers to the generals hurt will trigger the effect of skill. Death means will have effect after the death of the generals skills, because Samsung a copy of the clearance requirements, generally the death unpopular, frequently used only in the elite special level.

Attacking generals

As a lieutenant general attacking generals less, the basic reason is the battle is attacking the generals, and they can not the same type of military equipment. In addition to the generals are generally equipped with attack team to sell blood can increase the number of generals, and team output.

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