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Software introduction

Panghu expression package spoof version is a very good fight with the map expression package, panghu was originally a famous cartoon Doraemon inside the characters, later by people "into a variety of funny pictures, small as we put together a comprehensive expression, including to dry, curse listened to beatings, with a knife so, welcome friends to download the use of green resources!


Just Tian Wu, also translated Chinese panghu, giambi. Is a Japanese animation and Cartoon "An important role Duo the A dream", set in the 6 1964 15 was born on april. All the children are just Tian Wu in the fattest of the highest in the comics, nicknamed the "giant" (Tokyo, Ohio, is a field), English Giant Katakana pronunciation, Hong Kong and Taiwan is the nickname of his old translation transliteration. A dream and the children are generally used instead of the name calling his nickname. "The book of elders call panghu is known Takeshi" without a nickname, but in Chinese dubbed comic and cartoon are completely ignore this feature. Personality and rude, impulsive, what about the use of force to solve. Don't often borrow something else.

Panghu curse expression package using method

1. directly press pictures, click Choice "Save to mobile phone".

Click on the 2. WeChat Dialog box Look into the bottom of the page "+", add custom expression page.

In the 3. page click add the expression "+", enter the mobile phone system album, directly choose to add a previously saved file expression.

4. click on the upper right corner of the green button, "use" expression will be automatically added to the expression list.

5. now faces appear in the list of your custom expression, can be pleasant to use!

Software screenshot

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