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Software introduction

Two thousand three hundred and forty-five Encyclopedia of television HD video 2019 Is the mobile phone side player 2345 official for Android users and the development of a movie recommendation and Free HD movies as a whole, 2345 video Daquan The player to provide you with the full movie website free online watch movies, action movies, comedy, romance, comedy etc.. And supports offline caching, support Youku , Potato , Iqiyi The whole network resources and other video sites broadcast, mobile phone movie is your best player.

2345 video player introduction Daquan

2345 video Daquan polymerization Video Tencent , The music video And know-all video 35 video resources, the whole network of 150 thousand film and television drama, variety, animation and 600 million Short video . The recent launch of VIP large free activities, and updated daily limit free movies. See the film chase drama lock 2345 Encyclopedia of television, high-definition video, smooth playback speed, offline caching! China is the most comprehensive video broadcast platform.

 2345 video Daquan download and install the official website

2345 video Daquan app features

[small] software installation software 15M, compared to similar products to low 3 times the size of small space occupation, mobile phone.

[content] included Youku video, Iqiyi, Tencent such as video film and television animation variety 150 thousand, combined with new technology play integration content, experience first.

[] advertising time watch most of the movie resources no longer advertising 60 seconds A long time, 75 seconds of advertising; we have been working to streamline the advertising, to provide high quality video service.

[VIP] new film more money Yingbi recharge system, watch a VIP movie only once on the cost, the low price of super discount, the account balance is valid for life. KM video Daquan breaking the concept of the video industry monthly membership, not to buy video monthly membership waste and distressed!

The platform highlights

The whole network aggregation

The massive heart to see the film

Chase drama artifact

Popular TV first look

Watching films artifact

HD player The ultimate experience

Recommended hit

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"People don't be tough boy" flash youth! Hou Minghao takes you back to 18 years old

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"One family" one family happiness happiness, warmth to heal your heart

"Business times" dream for entrepreneurs and students

The "double 2" after the imperial concubine want to love! Frank couple cure upgrade

"Our forty years" jinshijia Chai Biyun tribute era of youth

"Back to the Ming Dynasty when the Duke" disease Jiao Wang, promotion guide to survive

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Make complaints about "Congress" iron triangle, Li Dan and Zhang Shaogang make complaints about the pool, carrying ten stars with make complaints about opinions, with laughter deeply

" Military moves the universe "The second season burning blood battles! The heart has to have a successful, Yang Yang interpretation of blood counter attack road, Daguai upgrade Guardian of the world.

"Station" the legend of William Chan, the Tencent broadcast video alone Gloria Tang, Hu Haiquan, Zhou Bichang, Victoria Song, Wu Yifan, the 6 founders led 108 players for the annual singing dancing MVP

"Masked sing guess" third season, more mysterious large coffee, singing more songs

Update log

V6.4.1 update:

1. new hit TV content, joy without limits

2. fixed some small B UG Experience, more smoothly

V6.1.0 update:

1. broadcast channel new revision, new CCTV, Hunan TV, Zhejiang TV, 98 TV, smooth hd!

2. repair part bug!

3. blockbuster, synchronous hot drama, more exciting content in 2345 video daquan!

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Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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Third, Shanxi Shuozhou telecom users guests Published: 2017/6/21 22:04:41
Like his name, really have a lot of video resources, very love, looking for film and TV play too convenient.

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The second floor Sichuan Deyang railway guest users Published: 2017/7/30 11:51:42
Really good with 666

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First, Chinese netizens guests Published: 2017/4/14 22:24:25
Really good to use a mobile phone to the next! Sixty-six billion six hundred and sixty-six million six hundred and sixty-six thousand six hundred and sixty-six

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