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Officetab11.00 RI (32 /64) containing crack patch / registration code Office tab 11 download | Fillmore Officetab11.00 RI (32 /64) The score: 8

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Software introduction

Office Tab 11 registered machine Is a 32 bit and 64 bit operating system serial number generator! Can be used to generate the free activation code, enjoy complete office functions. This program also provides free green. Office tab 11 patch files, users need to download network resources using fast green!

The characteristics of the officetab11.00 software

1. you can hide the tabs set as a single document

2. beautiful skin appearance style, there are 11 kinds of can Choice

You can customize the 3. tab color

4. Office Tab is arranged in the center of the independent, function of each module is more convenient to set Office Tab

5.WordTab and Excel Tab provides a label lock function to lock the document cannot be saved and closed

6. can adjust the display position of the document tab bar can be displayed in the work area of the upper and lower, left or right

 Officetab11.00 ri

Function introduction

1. provides display switch tabs, facilitate setting

2. provides a shortcut to toggle whether the label display (the default is Win+Q, can be customized)

3. provides a shortcut to toggle tab (the default is Ctrl+Tab, can be customized)

4. provides tab shortcuts Alt+N select the corresponding (N digital key)

5. provides a custom label layout function. You can choose to automatically, compressed and fixed three layout

6. provides maximum width can be custom tag (automatic layout and compression) or fixed width (fixed width layout) function

The characteristics of tab Office

A key to store all documents

Store all the files, close all documents, close other documents - all in one button! If you have to open multiple documents, you do not need to save or close one by one; in the right click menu click save all to store all documents. If you want to close all open documents, simply select "close all".

Easy to use

A tab bar window interface, you can open multiple tags in a document window. Each document appears in the window with a label in the form of a key to enter. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project and Visio) the new function to improve your work efficiency.

Label management

You can use the mouse to drag the label or switch, easy. You can press Alt + N ("N" label "1, 2, 3..." Activation tagging).

High performance

Office Tab standard Microsoft Office plug-in based technology development, will not affect the performance of Office program, and only takes up minimal space.

Easily rename the document

If you want to rename the document, you do not need to open the store for the dialog box - only in the right menu click "Rename label..." And enter a new document name, everything is so simple! If you want to store documents to another folder, only in the right menu select "for storage".

Document name

If the file name is too long, Windows showed only a small part of the document name. In the Office Tab label, no matter how long the document name, the label can be displayed in full document name.

Convenient menu

Right click on the label or tag, tag or label column into the right menu. The Office menu with the Microsoft Office commonly used commands, allowing you to quickly use these options.

Can customize the Appearance tab

You can customize the color label and label column. There are 11 style tags available. You can customize the font according to your preference, and each label name (custom application, you need to restart the Microsoft Office program).

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