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Software introduction

Software label: THvac It

It HVAC T20 crack version Is a very good use of building service software, this version is Chinese crack version, and register can be used, there is a need to welcome friends to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

THvac T20 is a professional The software industry Powerful software, the latest version of this update 2014, introduced to the vast number of design professionals and efficient software. The interface style and building unified software, optimization of HVAC marking command pattern, update operation interface. According to "technical specification for floor radiant heating heating calculation JGJ142-2012" update. Provide hose drawing style, can set the common air valve. Load per unit area increased to calculate the average heat transfer method of numerical heat transfer between households. Hydraulic pipe, hydraulic support batch operation of air duct, local resistance according to the variation of pipe diameter optimization, calculation rules. On the basis of "air conditioning - power 2009" design of constant pressure water supply calculation, calculation tank, pressure tank, a water pump flow head. The HVAC combined with the characteristics of current domestic similar software, functional requirements to collect a large number of design units of HVAC software, significantly improved the hydraulic calculation for heating, new heating back form, perfect frame principle and heating system. Specification for HVAC system layer standard. The air duct system add layer control standard.

 It Chinese HVAC T20 crack version

The software function description

It supports "HVAC heating ventilation and air conditioning design specification" civil construction GB50736-2012 meteorological parameters. Significantly improved the hydraulic calculation for heating, new heating back form, perfect frame principle and heating system. Specification for HVAC system layer standard. The air duct system add layer control standard. Update the equipment layout interface, increased air defense equipment and air machine block, improve equipment interface parameters. Support with the symbol name search room room search, to distinguish between the internal wall and household wall.

It can enhance the function of HVAC 8.5

1. adjust the air conditioning wind pipe and part of the split air conditioning water block, more clear menu.

The 2. menu adds wall building tools, easy to edit and modify the architectural template.

Trench drawing function of 3. increased in heating.

4. [] can perform pipeline chamfering, chamfering operation of pipe object.

5. different support toward the disposable coil to heat the tube spacing ranging from drawing, support irregular room layout.

6. air conditioning water pipeline added custom pipeline, easy to expand.

The 7. radiator increased elevation setting, solve the basement layout and connection problems.

The 8. radiator labeled mouse click position can be determined.

9. [or] are connected in series connection supports two or more groups of radiator.

10. [bulk] radiator support after the series connection and dry automatic connecting pipe.

11. on the basis of updated manual radiator type library, more convenient and accurate calculation.

12. to improve the wind tube set function: set, expand wind pipe system, the user can customize the air supply system, air system etc.;

13. single or double double duct mode can be switched to each other;

14. duct drawing either through non mode Dialog box Enter data, or by keyword input.

15. wind pipe drawing process, provide angle locking, increase the wall distance positioning function.

16. wind pipe layout dialog box to add elevation lock, horizontal offset control etc..

17. support for drawing oblique wind pipe, in the drawing process, drawing the tube with a certain angle wind.

18. complete, three links, elbow, reducer four style, support arbitrary arrangement, connection, replace the three way.

19. [] to facilitate change of wind direction components, pipe connecting piece flow.

20. wind pipe equipment, three other members to support the pipeline directly from the function, convenient drawing.

21. separate flange arrangement, replacement function, flange head in two ways.

22. [] to provide local tube, to modify the head, around the pillar of the.

[23.] plane alignment, vertical alignment function for pipeline editing function.

[24.] the vertical adjustment, can increase or decrease the overall elevation of air duct system.

25. [] with interrupt function for interrupt and merge editing duct.

26. general equipment library function, provide fan coil, air conditioner, pressure tank, water pump, air blower, water chiller equipment parameter library.

27. provide the batch edit, replace the function of the air.

28. arrangement of axial flow fan on the pipeline, automatic generation of software, Tianyuandifang and other accessories.

29. open air valve base, can be customized to expand.

To solve the deformation problem of circular valve 30. air valve; the fire valve can change the position and edit text.

31. [] air handling unit module.

32. generation air duct system chart.

33. generation air duct system profile function.

34. can be carried out according to the length or area of the steel plate materials Statistics And increase the statistical precision set.

35. support collision checking and collision between the wind pipe and water pipe inspection.

36. open label, can be set according to custom tagging content and style.

37. new [] duct hydraulic calculation function, after calculating the diameter can be assigned to return to original, to achieve the perfect combination of data and graphics.

38. duct hydraulic calculation results preview function.

39. [] increase the number sorting function for the search room number can be re sorted according to certain rules.

40. add the specified partition wall function, map will be provided to calculate household wall treatment.

41. to improve the load calculation

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