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Weaver OA E-office cracked version of the perfect unlimited Edition Weaver OA download | Weaver OA E-office crack version The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Weaver

Weaver OA E- Office Is a professional Office software That is a small business oriented or team work platform, Weaver OA version 7.8 version, with registration machine, unlimited perfect, although the older version, but the function is still very perfect, small and medium enterprises can use.

The official introduction

The actual needs of Pan micro OA joint enterprises, implementation of the universal product design And in the simple, practical and efficient principle, fully embodies the core idea of enterprise standardized management, improve the efficiency of the office, the office automation provides a set of standards for the user's solution, the rapid establishment of convenient and standard office environment to help enterprises. Weaver Cooperative Office Standard Edition (e-office) powerful, simple interface, convenient operation, quick and simple installation and maintenance, without special training can quickly adapt to the electronic office environment, and the early stage of product installation and maintenance, easy to help the enterprise informatization.

Company profile

Weaver software is the industry leader in collaborative management system and solutions provider with core technology mature and strong research and development strength, advanced the concept of collaborative management based on independent research and development of collaborative management of product series, including Weaver collaborative management platform (e-cology), advanced version of the pan micro coordination office system (e-nature), Weaver Collaborative Office System Standard Version (e-office) and the pan micro coordination government affairs System (e-nation) four series of products, including OA (OA), EIP (enterprise information portal), KM (Knowledge Management), HRM (Human Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), WM (work flow management), PM (Project Management), e-government, network integration management and, through a large number of customers and accumulated rich practical experience, in group management, high technology, manufacturing, consulting, medical communications, real estate, hotel and catering, banking business has formed a set of mature industry solutions.

Weaver OA E-office version features

1. portal Governance: build custom portal, make the staff and leadership information for more convenient, accurate and comprehensive;

 Weaver OA unlimited Edition

2. process management: effective implementation of enterprise internal control process, the internal common form of electronic system to realize process control;

3. document management: enterprise knowledge management, to build a unified and shared enterprise knowledge base;

4. information management: multi channel information spirit, provide timely publication and reveal all kinds of information;

5. technical architecture: convenient standard architecture allows enterprises to easily deploy;

6. authority system: portal, process, document three module permissions clear, really makes the standardization management of landing;

7.: communication platform to help enterprises to provide daily communication bottleneck, multidimensional communication tools.

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