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Logitech Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse driver v6.65.62 official version Logitech m557 driver download | Logitech Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse driver The score: 8

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Software introduction

Software label: Logitech Mouse driver

Logitech Logitech Bluetooth M557 Mouse driver program That is the official driver, if the computer does not recognize mouse your words, then reinstall the driver, can support custom keys installed after the mouse to play better performance.

Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse using the utility of the four roller to may, because of cost considerations, and did not use the features of Logitech's alloy roller, naturally lose the double wheel of personality, I believe that so many users feel unhappy, but this advantage is released the mouse button, a outstanding performance in many operation.

Logitech M557 Bluetooth wireless mouse is the side skirts with a matte plastic material is ordinary, this is mainly due to the side skirts by Logitech is designed as a battery cover, need to consider two aspects of ultra-thin and hand. This limits the M557 mouse to use double color plastic injection process.


Types of application: Mobile

The mouse size: normal rats

The highest resolution: 1000dpi

Refresh rate: no data

Key number: 4

Direction: four wheel to wheel

Connection: wireless (Bluetooth)

Working mode: photoelectric

Installation method

1, download and unzip, double-click the main program installation

2, click next, waiting for the completion of installation

3, after the completion of the installation, please restart the computer in use

 Logitech M557 Bluetooth mouse driver

Software screenshot

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