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The game is introduced

BattleForge 4 genuine Is a EA Digital Illusions CE developed the first person shooter video game. This is the "battlefield" series following the "battlefield 3" after the sequel. The interface style "battlefield 4" relative to the "battlefield 3" was changed, but the magnitude is not large. "Battlefield 4" abandoned heavy metal style melody in the sound field interface, instead of using ordinary electric sound. In the interface of image still maintain a yellow halo halo design features, but is no longer the "Aurora" form, but to the design of reflective goggles ". Game player will play the role of the United States Marine Corps "tombstone" squad members, into a huge political conspiracy and seek peace, the United States, Russia Chinese last hope among the three countries.

The official introduction

Battlefield 4 is a developed by DICE, the first person issued by EA Shooting game FPS, is the classic "battlefield" series of the latest works. "Battlefield 4" will describe a complex global war. Chinese, the United States, Russia three forces launched an unprecedented scale around the political, military and economic strength. This made use of the upgrade After the frostbite 3 engine, adding a new "Levolution" dynamic map function. The battlefield has become more real, dynamic. At the same time, in the "battlefield 3" in the absence of the old play "commander" also return. Game player can even remotely command through iPad and other equipment.

"Battlefield 4" on the "battlefield 3" exposure to light and vegetation problems are corrected. In "battlefield 4" map tone seems more bright, light glare effect has been optimized. But in order to simulate the character goggles effect, game player characters in oriented light, glare and dust will still be on the screen. At the same time ashore, when marching in the rain can see the water splashed on the eye lens.

In "battlefield 4" contains a skyscraper collapse, collapsed dam, the destroyer rammed the island and other large-scale scenes. At the same time, these scenes are not The single player game In the plot, but in Multiplayer games By the game player to trigger, so need to have strong ability of calculus 3 frost. DICE in order to maintain a balance between performance and randomness, for large damage to buildings collapsed design a variety of picture, in guarantee to reduce the pressure of the server processor and the premise of picture is not repeated, as for the building of small objects is still time calculus.

Battlefield 4 continues the brilliant feature of past, provides a variety of vehicles, driving operations including aircraft, ships, tanks, armored vehicles, Land Rover Let you fly everywhere is war! The game is a "battlefield" the latest series of works, the game used frostbite 3 engine production, brought more damaging effects and lighting system to the game. The game uses action figures and animation system new Shanghai amount of weapons and equipment, shocking story of the game, these will provide an unprecedented profound and dramatic game player experience. "Battlefield 4" BETA test will be launched in the fall of 2013. DICE also said he has embarked on the development team "battlefield 4" development work, to guarantee that the launch of the "battlefield 4" exclusive BETA test smoothly.

Start the game "is running a 32 bit version, please run the 64 bit version of" bf4.exe "to start the game

Skills learned

Shooting game: Bullet physics calculation is more real, more important points here is the "advance" and "falling". Advance is that you're ready to shoot a moving target if you will be at sight on him, the bullet shot out will certainly think that target is moving and fall behind. According to the moving speed of different firing positions and ahead of time will be different. And falling refers to the bullet gun after the flight because of gravity farther will cause slight downward migration. These specific values need long time accumulated experience of the game player to understand.

Carrier loss: this generation of vehicles using a new damage detection system, the most obvious is to calculate the tank. The carrier is through the hidden volume calculation is also able to continue to use or explosion, and the damage is calculated by the position. For example, you open a new tank out but was blown into the track will not move into the track of paralyzed state, lasting about 10 seconds to move. Instead of through the consumption of blood to calculate.

Firearms recommended: F20 After 00 Recoil odd small, very easy to use in the distance. One of the representatives of 416 high rate of fire, and of course, L85 is also very good but not in 800 or. But the mainstream is the likes of SCARH gun. BF4 gave me the feeling that the high power high speed gun more popular, with the long time exposure of his, but mighty gun can more easily hit the outbreak.

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Baidu cloud password: vfcd

Baidu cloud password: vfcd


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