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Keil C51 registered general edition Keil C51 patch download | Keil C51 ri The score: 8

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Software introduction

Keil The C51 registry is a free version of universal serial number activation code generator! Support v9.00/v9.51/9.52/9.54/9.55/9.56 program registration! If you download is the official version, can use this tool for free version of the program officially activated! Can be used indefinitely! Hurry to download it green resources network!

Steps of using keil c51 registration machine:

The first step: in the free download "Keil C51 registration machine, decompression operation;

The second step: Open the Keil C51 client, click on the menu File, Choice License Management, copy the upper right corner behind the CID character to register CID, the other is not set, directly click on the Generate button to generate a serial number, serial number New License ID copy to Code (LIC), click on the Add LIC can be added.

 Keil C51 ri

Keil C51 introduction

Keil C51 is the Keil Software company (ARM company) produced 51 series compatible MCU C language software development System. Compared with the assembly language in C, the function, structure, readability and maintainability has obvious advantages of, and easy to use. Keil provides a complete development program includes the C compiler, macro assembler, linker, library management and a powerful simulation debugger, through an integrated development environment (uVision) to put these parts together.

The software features

1, Keil C51 registered machine is a simple and practical tool

2, can help you to get the registration code to break through the software

3, keil c51 is still very strong in the editor

4, use the built-in function library, can provide users with fast programming

5, also provides a single-chip simulation function

6, if you download the Keil C51 software that need to buy

7, you can select the Keil C51 registry to help you complete the purchase activation

software function

1, Keil C51 registered machine provides a powerful calculation function

2, can be calculated from the official version of the activation sequence number

3, a software can calculate the Keil C51 software activation code

4, is calculated according to the official machine code, so the results are accurate

5, according to Keil C51 of different versions provide solution for the better

6, you can select the version 9.5, version 9 can also choose

Registered machine 7, through this, can make you better to complete the development of SCM

The installation package decompression code password:

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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