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Software introduction

Axure Icon Is a very good icon component library with the small as we put together more than 900 Classic Icon, you can directly use, can also be the color, size, gradient, contour editing, welcome friends in need to download the use of green resources!

The official introduction

Usually you interaction Designer and product manager We will use the icon in the design of the prototype are temporary, but to find the icon is a very affecting the efficiency of things. Although other friends share to produce their own icon library, but the number is not comprehensive enough, or do not support or adjust the size and color. Today share a set from the Google Material Design utility Axure icon component library, a total of 900 commonly used classic icon. This is a can be used for Axure RP 8 vector component library, classic design from the Google Design Material, comparable to the official icon library.

Axure icon library for use

1. this is a vector icon library, can change the size, will not appear jagged;

The 2. number is very large, a total of more than 900, and the classification is very clear and easy to find and use.

 Axure Icon Library

3. support to directly modify or add color gradient style, make icons more in line with your design style (this is important);

4. support to modify the shape and contour, can maximize the use of your creativity;

Methods use the icon in the Axure Library

1. in the Axure software components in the library panel click on the icon and then more. Choice Loading component library;

2. element library files have been downloaded well selection;

3. then in the drop-down menu select the Material Library of Design Icon Library can see the icon element loaded, and then will need to drag the icon editing interface in use.

In need of special note is loaded using the above method in the software component library may restart after sight, the need to reload. In order to avoid this situation, you can directly to the component library is copied to the Axure library catalog, so there is no need to reload.

The general library catalog in the following location:

C:\Users\ user name \Documents\Axure\Libraries

If your software has been finished, the directory should be:

C:\Users\ system user name \Documents\Axure\ Library

The Material Design Icon Library.rplib the files into account, and then restart the software on it.

Software screenshot

Download address

Click the error Unable to download software download or not available, please click on the error, thank you!

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