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Software introduction

Cool edit2.1 ri Is a green free serial number activation code generator! Its main function is used to crack cool edit2.1 official version of the program! Even after a free On trial There is no need to worry about. As long as the registered machine tools can be generated in the green resources free download site for small! Welcome to download.


Cool edit 2.1 is the United States Adobe Systems company released a full name Cool Edit Pro multi track recording and audio processing tools. The effect of cooledit2.1 Chinese audio processing Cool Edit audio version of "painting" program, offers a variety of audio effects, extremely rich, support optional plug-in function as a powerful. This software is a very popular recording and editing of audio production, a software, recommend the music that can try its function.

 Cool edit ri

Cool Edit Pro Fillmore tutorial:

Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Chinese version of the installation instructions

1, first run the "cep_v2.1 setup.exe" Cool Edit Pro v2.1 file to install! The general will be installed to the default path

2, after the completion of the installation, run the program "cep2reg.exe" to break the registration procedures for the registration, enter the registration code: Name:mydaj

3, enter the activation code can use free of charge!

Cool edit crack version 2.1 features

1. if these formats are unable to meet the demand, can be cool and edit Format Factory With the use of, can guarantee the format of the problem.

2. other features include: support optional plug-in; support multi file; crash recovery; automatic mute detection and deletion; automatic beat search; recording.

3. you can use voice to "painted" system: a part of the song, tone, voice, string, vibrato, noise Or adjust the mute. But it also offers a variety of color effects works for you:

Large, reduce noise, compression, expansion, echo, distortion, delay etc..

4. also can convert between AIF, AU, MP3, Raw, PCM, SAM, VOC, VOX, WAV and other file formats, and can be saved as RealAudio format!

5. you can handle multiple files at the same time, easy to cut, paste, merge, overlapping sound operation in several files. It can be used to generate sound: noise, bass, mute, phone signal etc.. The software also contains a CD player.

Decompression password:

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